Donald Trump Wins the Presidency – Welcome to the Fascist State

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. A sentence I thought I'd never write in my life. 

Everything we thought we knew about America has been thrown into a blender and destroyed. The progress we've been patting ourselves on the back about for the past generation can stop. America just elected a guy with major character flaws and zero political experience who has said he'll do things that are sure to divide the country even further than it has. 

Another major problem was the mainstream media, an entity that I have railed against numerous times on this site. Before you blame people who voted 3rd party, or people who didn't vote...blame the corporate media who gave this man wall-to-wall coverage instead of ignoring him and treating him like they treated Bernie completely blocking him out and blocking his message.

The MSM, when they did cover Trump, hardly ever challenged Trump on many of his bizarre statements.

This was also a failure to acknowledge reality on the part of Democrats who got behind Hillary really hard. Hillary lost to a guy named Barack Obama who was a barely known politician who's claim to fame was a speech he gave at the DNC convention in 2004. Hillary lost a 60-point lead she had against a democratic socialist jew named Bernie Sanders and needed the DNC to tip the scales in her favor to pull out a victory against him. Should it REALLY be a surprise she lost to the most unpopular candidate in U.S. history? Should it REALLY be a surprise given she has over a decade-worth of baggage and was under FBI investigation when she got the nomination? What happened to her being a stronger general election candidate than Bernie? Remember that lie? reality, she's the WORST candidate to ever be nominated on the Democratic ticket in the modern era...I'd say worst than Mondale. This loss came from a lack of acknowledging reality.

Let's talk about another problem and that is this dumb idea that Democrats have that they can run to the Right during the General Election to get Republican voters. That strategy can be thrown out of the window, burned and blown up because it failed miserably in 2016. Hillary Clinton never tried to appeal to her base post-primary. She ran a 1990's-style campaign during an election season where the electorate is angry and wants real change. Hillary chose Tim Kaine as her VP and the conventional wisdom was that she chose him to appeal to those white working-class voters. It failed. Instead of choosing a VP that would energize her base, she went with a guy who really didn't help at all. She assumed the Obama coalition would have her back, an assumption proven wrong.

I don't know what else to say other than "the revolution starts now." Maybe this is the wake up call Black people and people on the Left needed. All I know is the Democratic Party will not be the same and the age of neo-liberalism is dying. That 90's era playbook needs to be shredded and people who are still within the Party needs to think about their options moving forward because it is not with business as usual and with the establishment.

I just have to throw this out there before ending this blog entry...Bernie Sanders. He had Trump beat by 15-20 points months ago back when everyone was saying we should ignore those polls and the polls that early didn't matter. Every argument they used to justify voting for Hillary Clinton in the primary was dead wrong and based off of false assumptions. Sanders could've realistically gotten white voters due to his economic message. Sanders would've energized the base. Sanders would've been real progress. Instead America chose ignorance, fear, xenophobia, sexism and fundamentalism.

Goodbye America. I know you no more.

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