Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists Get Chased Out of Sacramento

Today at least 7 people were stabbed in Sacramento outside of the state capitol building at a pro-Trump white supremacist rally. Around 400 Anti-fascist counter-protestors from a group calling itself Antifa, clashed with around 30 neo-Nazis in a group calling itself the Traditional Worker's Party (TWP).

Counter-Protestors chanted "get off our streets" at the white supremacists...

The rally didn't just include members of the T.W.P., but also a mixture of different skinhead, National-Socialist and KKK groups.

Here's one of the militant counter-protestors who lays out exactly what the anti-fascist goals are to create a vast, militant, anti-racist, anti-fascist movement. This is the first many people have probably heard of them, but at least there are some who realize the dire need of a serious anti-fascist movement in this country.

The clash happened before what was supposed to be a much larger rally by the Traditional Worker's Party at 12 noon, but the event had to ultimately be called off due to the counter-protestors. The Vice Chairman of the organization has since blamed "leftist radicals" for shutting down the event...

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