Study Finds Decline of Whiteness Viewed as a Threat

 A man holds a sign that indirectly shows his innermost emotions with regards to his likely feeling of a
A man holds a sign that indirectly shows his innermost emotions with regards to his likely feeling of a "decline of Whiteness." No one no longer need ask "what is white privilege?" You're looking at it.

On May 4, 2016 three researchers from Standford, the University of Toronto and Berkley released a study that was designed to analyze the rise of popular support for the Tea Party movement in the United States.

It is the opinion of the researchers that the election and re-election of President Barack Obama (while losing the White vote), and the rising non-White (aka "minority") population in America is causing a fear of a "decline of Whiteness" in White Americans and has been perceived as threatening the standing of Whiteness in America in general. As a result, the Tea Party has gained strength around the country and Donald Trump is the soon-to-be nominee of the Republican Party for President.

What this study confirms as well is that what's happening here is similar to sentiments that have cropped up all across Europe. In the United Kingdom, France, Greece, etc, there are rising right-wing movements that all use very comparable rhetoric. They are nationalistic, militaristic, fascist, anti-immigrant and most importantly white supremacist. Something very similar is happening in America and you better take it seriously. Yet some simple-minded individuals among us hilariously ask "what is white privilege?"


How the Study Was Set Up

According to the abstract the study was conducted in this way...

We tested this explanation in five survey-based experiments. In Study 1 we sought to make salient the president’s African-American heritage by presenting participants with an artificially darkened picture of Barack Obama. White participants shown the darkened photo were more likely to report they supported the Tea Party relative to a control condition. Presenting participants with information that the white population share (Study 2) or income advantage (Study 3) is declining also led whites to report greater Tea Party support, effects that were partly explained by heightened levels of racial resentment. A fourth study replicated the effects of Study 2 in a sample of Tea Party supporters. Finally, Study 5 showed that threatened white respondents reported stronger support for the Tea Party when racialized aspects of its platform (e.g., opposition to immigration) were highlighted, than if libertarian ones (e.g., reduced government spending) were. These findings are consistent with a view of popular support for the Tea Party as resulting, in part, from threats to the status of whites in America.

— Willer et al.

There have been a number of whiteness studies that have been conducted over the years, as well as studies on blackness. In order to understand white supremacy, all of these social constructs have to be looked at and challenged regardless of what the evidence might show. I've written several times now (here and here) about the vast differences in how White people and non-White people view certain problems in America. There's a major collective cognitive dissonance around race that this study exposes.

What the Study Says About the "Decline of Whiteness"

The "decline of Whiteness" can be viewed different ways. It can be viewed on a social level, a political level and an economic level. Socially the growing non-White population of Blacks, Hispanics and Asians has created resentment among some White who feel the slow dwindling of their population will result in rising power for Black and Brown ethnic groups. This can be seen on a political level in the election of Barack Obama, a man who would have never been elected President in the '80's or '90's if he did as poorly with the White vote then as he did in 2008 and especially 2012. The study confirms that the economic crisis of recent years has made the problem even worse as people are desperate and want to lash out at other groups.

The study relies heavily on the group position theory which is basically the theory of the dominant society in all civilizations. The theory suggests that members of the dominant society circle their wagons when they feel like something they value that represents them is under attack. This is exactly what we see going on in America when it comes to racism and the criminal injustice system.

The study confirms that perceived threats to racial dominance creates antipathy, violence and political mobilization within the dominant society. All 5 of the studies they performed proved their original theory correct and I believe explains the extreme cognitive dissonance in America. To some White people, keeping Black people and other non-White groups in the position they're in IS the agenda. They don't want to lose economic leverage in America or political leverage. Some are terrified of losing both due to their weakening social leverage. Frances Cress Welsing confirmed this decades ago in her book 'The Isis Papers,' so we should give credit where credit is due there too.

What is white privilege? White privilege is depopulating entire native groups in multiple acts of genocide on multiple continents, enslave whoever is left, dehumanize them, devalue their bodies and destroy their families. After centuries of this and pseudo-scientific race theory harming countless lives, you give those people the rights they deserve then turn around and feel threatened when they gain power thinking that is your natural place in life. No! That is a power only obtained through blood. What is the "decline of Whiteness?" It is the return to the natural cosmic order of things.

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