The DOJ Breaks its Bond with Private Prisons – Why Much More Is Needed

While today's new that the Department of Justice will soon be ending its relationship with the private prison industry, the video above explains why much more needs to be done. The Federal prison system, along with 6 other states, accounts for 48% of the total U.S. correctional population of 6.8 million according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics for 2014. Of the entire federal prison population, a fraction of these people are being held in privately-owned facilities.

It is important for us to remember that when it comes to the struggle to end mass incarceration, much of the work needs to be done on the state level, not the federal level. Much of the boom of mass incarceration comes from state activities and agendas. Texas alone has a correctional population of nearly 700,000 as of 2014 according to the linked content above, but Louisiana and Alabama are not to be ignored either. Some 87% of all prisoners are in local or state jails or prisons. This is why voting is such an important issue and getting people into power who reflect our agenda. That may mean abandoning the Democratic Party especially on the local and state level if these demands are not met.

There should be a radical transformation on the local and state level to cause a plummet in America's gross correctional population. This can be done with consistent political organizing and support for candidates on the local and state level who are not beholden to special interests and the plutocracy.

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