Review: ‘Queen Sugar’ – The TV Show About A Black Family With Many Secrets

 'Queen Sugar' is created, written and directed by Ava DeVurney of 'Selma' fame and can be seen on OWN.
'Queen Sugar' is created, written and directed by Ava DeVurney of 'Selma' fame and can be seen on OWN.

Tragedies have the ability to bring families back together. Some times its good, and other times the union brings argument, strife, and past conflicts. Queen Sugar is a series on OWN that displays a variety of behaviors. The two-day premiere started on September 6, 2016.

Queen Sugar is based on a family that hides secrets from each other. Nova Bordelon, one of the siblings is a journalist. She has a neo soul style to her. She prayed over her father while he was in the hospital bed in one of the scenes. She portrays that she has it together, however she is dealing with Greg, a man who appears to be married. It hurts her seeing him with another family, however she struggles with leaving him alone.

Charley Bordelon-West, another siblings finds out her husband David West, a basketball player, cheated on her with a woman who is accusing her husband and the basketball team of taking advantage of her while they were playing an away game. The exposure of David’s cheating caused humiliation to her and her son. This happened during the time when she found out her father passed away. She went back home to Louisiana be by her father’s side, however she was too late and he died before she was able to see him alive.

Ralph Angel Bordelon is the last sibling, the only boy and he has a son, Blue Bordelon. Blue was close to their father. He appears to not have it together. He robbed a convenient store while his son waiting for him at a playground, unaware of what Ralph Angel was doing. Darla, Blue’s mother is in and out of the picture, and has proven to be an unfit mother in the past. Ralph Angel has custody of their son, yet struggles to get a job to take care of him. He relied on his father, but now with his father’s passing he has no one to turn to.

Each sibling has their own set of issues, but is willing to put them to the side to make sure their father has the proper burial he deserves. None of them are experts at burying their parents therefore they are doing the best that they can. Each sibling has strong personalities and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the show plays out this season.

Queen Sugar is going to be a hit because it reminds people of the problems they face in their own home. We are not any different than the characters that are displayed on that television show. We all have family issues. We struggle with our own addictions, and attend to be selfish when it comes to being with family. Sadly tragedies are what bring black families together. Myself along with hundreds of viewers will be in tune Wednesday nights at 10:00pm to see what happens next. Will you tune it? If so comment about what you expect to happen on this upcoming show.

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