Were The Ancient Egyptians Black? The Obsession With White-Washing Ancient Kemet

For many years people of European descent have whitewashed many non-European cultures and turned them into something other than what they originally were. Whether we're talking about Ancient Kemet, al-Andalus (Moorish Spain), or the original Native Americans...the agenda remains the same. This blog entry has been inspired by recent films such as 'Gods of Egypt' and 'Exodus' and asks the question, "Why is it in 2016 we're still debating something that was solved over two decades ago?" The Africanity of the Ancient Kemetians is not only no longer in doubt, the idea that Kemet was White should be relegated to mythology at this point. After reading this you will no longer wonder were the Ancient Egyptians black or not.

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A History of Voting Rights and Why the Voting Rights Act is in More Danger Now Than Ever Before

Since the passing of the 15th amendment in 1869, Black people have had the right to vote. However since that time American history is littered with the attempts by those of European descent to suppress, depress and stifle the power of the Black vote. From Grandfather clauses and open intimidation often of a terrorizing nature to literacy tests, the right to vote has become one of the most cherished legacies of supposed racial progress in America. Well they're at it again and once again the Black vote is under attack and is in more danger than it has been since the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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2016 – The Most Important Political Year for African-Americans

2016 is shaping up to be the most important election this country has seen since the 1960's. Both parties are fighting to not only maintain establishment control over their respective political parties, but to also maintain a status quo that has been in place since the Reagan era, if not before. What role do Blacks play in this crucial period of time? Are people of color making a mistake by backing an establishment that has shown to not only not have their best interest in mind, but at times has actively worked against them?

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