2-N-1: Why The Election Fraud in Arizona Matters & The Racial Double Standard in How the MSM Portrays Violence

The recent primary election in Arizona has turned into a mess and is part of a growing list of democratic casualties of the gutting of the Voting Rights Act in 2013 by the Supreme Court. More problems can be expected in the general election as 2016 turns into possibly one of the most cartoonish and dangerously un-democratic elections we've had in quite some time in America.

Also, it's time we had a national discussion about how different the media's (and by extension America's) reaction is to perceived and real threats of violence. Why has the media given Trump a pass on his clear inciting of violence at his rallies? Who stands to gain by this descent into chaos and what does this mean for the future of America? All of these questions will be speculated upon in this 2 for 1 blog entry

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These 4 Reasons Are Why Blacks Shouldn’t Miss the Boat called the Marijuana Industry

There aren't many industries that show comparable signs of growth potential as the legal marijuana industry. An industry that some believe could be worth well over $20 billion by 2020. The rise of this industry will see new wealth generated not only for entrepreneurs, but also investors. The window is still open, but for how long remains to be seen. Much has been made about the difficulty for Blacks to get their feet in the door in this industry as entrepreneurs, while this is definitely a problem...this doesn't apply to investing. For those who are paying attention, they know this is a boat you still have time to get on. These are the reasons why Black people should work to make sure we carve ourselves out a piece of the pie for ourselves in this new industry

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Try to Rationalize and Apologize for Trump’s Neo-Fascism

In the wake of the Chicago protests that shut down Trump's rally over the weekend, I'm beginning to see a disturbing trend not only in the mainstream media, but also in alternative media (New Media) to apologize for and rationalize the rhetoric of Donald Trump. Not only do I believe this is every bit as dangerous as the rhetoric itself, if you believe in American freedom and liberty and don't want to see this country devolve into anarchism and totalitarianism...you will read this blog post.

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Donald Trump and the Rise of Right-Wing Fascism

For all Americans, the rise of Donald Trump was initially laughed off and considered a joke that would never actually play out. Well now the joke is on this country and the worse fears of many are actually playing out. There has always been extremism from the far right in this country, but never has a far right Presidential candidate ever had a serious shot of becoming President. The fact that the mainstream media has been partly complicit in his rise also needs to be pointed out and I intend to do that in this blog entry.

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