Vibrational Medicine: The Chakra System and the Science of Subtle Energy

In this blog entry we get on the same page energetically and understand the importance of vibrations and their role in the human biofield. Progress can't just come from economic and political power, there is desperate need for the understanding of spiritual science and multi-dimensional energy in our society. There is a mental paradigm shift that needs to take place before any progressive revolution can ever be successful. With a discussion about quantum theory, chakras and auras we hope you, the reader, will help begin pushing this collective paradigm shift forward.

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Symbolic Victories – Harriet Tubman and America’s New Currency

The recent news by the U.S. Treasury Department that Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther Ling Jr, Sojourner Truth and others would grace the various sides of a American currency in the future has been meet with praise as it should, but also skepticism. While this is definitely a sign of progress, some believe that these are symbolic gestures meant to distract the public during a time of increasing assaults of liberty, freedom and democracy. We touch on that in this blog post.

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Still Think We Don’t Need a Political Revolution? The Implications of the Panama Papers Leak

The Panama Papers have become the biggest leak in history. Dwarfing the Wikileaks documents in terms of the amount of data released. Already there have been real-world repercussions. After reading about what this leak has revealed, you'll be shocked to know that this law firm is only the 4th largest in the world. This is how the global elite have hid their money as entire nations have been sucked dry economically.

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