Debunking the ‘War on Cops’ Myth

It is time to begin breaking down the lies that are being passed off as fact throughout the media and on the Right. The 'War on Cops' myth is yet another propped up red herring meant to divert the discussion away from the constitutional, human and civil rights violations being felt by the Black community. In this blog entry, I debunk the mythological 'War on Cops' red herring.

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Marvel’s Black Panther (2016-Present) Issue #3 Review

Just now getting around the reviewing Issue #3, but trust was worth the wait. Coates continues to expand on the internal struggles of T'Challa, which he has done well describing so far. Several subplots continue to develop and play out. The Midnight Angels, Shuri in the Plane of Memory and the insurrectionists Tetu and Zenzi. Coates has put a lot of the Black Panther's plate...but I think he's up for the task,

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Black Reparations and America’s Burning Desire to Ignore the Truth of It’s Rise to Power

In this blog entry I continue to make the case for reparations for the descendants of the victims of the slave industry. An industry that helped make America the country it is today. Despite the fact that some seek to play down and ignore the impact of slavery on the American economy and infrastructure, history and facts are on my side in this piece. We will continue to make the case for Black reparations here at Black and Intellectual.

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A Hedge of Protection

The reality of our current rash of police excessive force complaints and videos is that many of us have to justisplain  the behavior of the officers because if we don't, we'll start to feel at risk. White folk need to believe that this only happens to Black and brown folk; and Black and brown apologists need to believe that it only happens to Black and brown folk who are not like them. We all know this to be cacalaca but..... 

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Are We There Yet?

Elle Sagar is back to ask a question that everyone needs to answer to themselves. Direct action and loud public protest should and will continue, but are YOU ready yet? Bystanders get passed by, the present and soon-to-be future, needs leaders. Not "top of the food chain" be all, end all leaders, but thought leaders, political leaders and economic leaders. A leader takes charge and does what he/she can do make a difference.

So...Are We There Yet?

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