Marvel’s Luke Cage Review – Episodes 1 and 2

Marvel's Luke Cage is finally out on Netflix and Black and Intellectual will be reviewing each episode several chunks at a time. There will be an overall review of the entire series once I've done with all of the episodes. It's time to see what Marvel/Disney can do with a Black superhero? A bulletproof Black man in the era of state violence. This should be interesting!

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Several Takeaways from the Clinton v. Trump Debate

This is what I think having seen the debate now...we've got to do better America. There are enough people in this country to get the type of government we really want. 2016 is lost and at this point, I'd rather have Clinton than Trump. But we've got to do better. The only thing I can tell you is to vote wisely and going forward, use your vote strategically. Most importantly, don't be afraid to think outside the box because it's not the popular thing to do.

The debate was beyond disappointing to say the least.

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Charlotte Erupts in Righteous Protest Over The Murder of Keith Lamont Scott

The people of Charlotte have risen against the system that allowed the murder of Keith Lamont Scott. It has become clear to everyone that the murder of Black people has become routine activity in America. This should be considered the MOST pressing domestic policy issue facing this country today. There is no other domestic policy issue that carries the same gravity, anger, potential for social upheaval, and damning of American concepts of freedom and liberty as the issue of state violence and police brutality.

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