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 The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty

A few days ago, I wrote an article that went up on the Progressive Army's website that I wanted to share with you guys. Here's a sample, follow the link and read it at your leisure...

"Let’s be clear, the executive order forcing a 90-day travel ban on foreign travelers a 120-day ban on refugees does not make America safe. It is going to make America more divided than it has been for some time and will only make us look intolerant and antagonistic abroad. This is in no way normal and there is a general sense of confusion within some agencies as to how or why these decisions are being made – especially with the extremely rapid pace with which they’re being made. According to The Independent, the Secretary of Homeland Security found out about the executive order via television news and was being debriefed about it as Trump was signing the executive order (EO) itself!

Trump’s Muslim ban originally prevented green card holders from seven different countries from entering back into the U.S. Had that aspect of the executive order stayed in place, up to half a million people would’ve been displaced. The Trump administration has since exempted green card holders likely due to the public outcry. According to The Wall Street Journal, the visa travel ban doesn’t just apply to refugees who were expecting to be awarded asylum in America, but it also applies to citizens with dual nationality.

To read the rest...follow the link here.

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