Over 100,000 Visas Were Revoked Due to the Muslim Ban

Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images News / Getty Images
Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images News / Getty Images

According to a lawyer with the Justice Department, over 100,000 visas have been revoked in a single week as a result of Donald Trump's executive order on immigration. The number appears to have originated from a hearing in a lawsuit involving two Yemeni brothers who arrived to America via Dulles International Airport and were turned away and put on a flight to Ethiopia where they've been stuck ever since.

The State Department however has disputed this number stating that the real number impacted by the travel ban was closer to 60,000 and not the 100,000 figure that the lawyers for the Justice Department have released to the public. The State Department also confirmed that even though the ban doesn't immediately impact those living in America on visas from the seven targeted countries, however if they do decide to leave the country they could be blocked from re-entering.

This whole entire travel ban has been ridiculous and sparked protests all over the country, and for good reason. Now of course that's my personal opinion and I appear to be in the minority - a large minority, but minority nonetheless. Several polls have been released showing that a majority of Americans support the ban on travel from the seven countries Trump and his team targeted. However other polls have shown that I'm in a majority and that at least 51% of Americans don't support the Muslim travel ban.

What is clear is that opinions of this policy vary wildly depending on political affiliation. Most Republicans support it, most Democrats oppose it and depending on how the polling question is written and who is sampled more...you're going to get a range of results.

I do not support the ban of immigrant travelers from any of the countries the Trump administrated has set its sights on. I think this is a slippery slope for much worse that could come down the pipe at any time. It is my opinion that when you have an imperial force that can easily overpower every other group that does not have the same resources that they do, then the groups who are in a disadvantageous position should be working together. That's easier said than done I know, but you will always be stronger as a cohesive unit as opposed to being separated and easy to pick off. It doesn't mean you can't segment your forces and fight on different fronts for different issues, but it's an understanding that both our groups need the same thing and have a common enemy.

This travel ban can easily be expanded and become a blanket ban on all immigrants from all sorts of countries around the world.

Appeals Court Blocks Travel Ban

Some good news has developed from this story over the past couple days however. On Friday, a Judge from the state of Washington temporarily blocked Trump's executive order on immigration allowing many of the people who were being prevented from entering into the country to enter now. 

The key phrase here is 'temporarily-blocked,' so we have to see in the days and weeks ahead how the Trump regime plan on evading the Judicial branch of government. As of right now though, Federal agencies have complied with the court order stating that they will no longer enforce the aspect of the executive order that deal with the banning of travelers and refugees.

Trump has lashed out and berated the Judge like the child that he is. He even got the Justice Department to file an appeal - which was also thrown out and rejected. The Judicial branch of government has spoken and many people rightfully question the constitutionality and legality of Trump's actions.

This is a victory for activism and protesting. It shows that despite what some will try to tell you...protesting works. What you have to do is protest effectively and without consent. You have to shut things down and break into people's comfort zones. It also helps that you have tens of thousands involved across the country and around the world. I believe in our ability to use our voice and force the changes we want.

I will say in closing that we will see how people react to state violence under the Trump regime. When it happened under Obama, I always felt like there were some in society who wanted to hold back. When the shoe drops on the Black community, there should be hundreds of thousands of us in the streets across dozens of states. No more time for games and waiting around for other people to do the work for us, we have to grab life by the neck and force the radical changes we desire.

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  1. Good points! What organizations are you working with and can recommend?

  2. I’m not with any organizations as of now. I’m pretty independent. There are a lot of good organizations that operate locally. In Detroit you have New Era Detroit and in Chicago you have Assata’s Daughters. It also depends on what issue you’re looking to focus on or if you want a broader approach like with what Justice Democrats are doing. You can participate in more than one organization too. The smallest bit of support can go a long way. Also look into team-building techniques and start an organization in your area. There are all sorts of civil rights groups, women’s right’s groups, environmental groups, human rights groups, muslim groups, Palestinian groups…you name it.

    Think of the issue that matters to you the most and look for groups online and on social media (specifically Twitter and Facebook, but maybe Instagram too) that are doing work in that area. Find local chapters and if there aren’t any…start one. Begin to spread the word. We need all hands on deck in 2018 and 2020.

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