Right-Wing Goes Crazy Over Snoop Dogg Rap Video Simulating Trump

 Snoop Dogg seen shooting a toy gun at a clown version of Donald Trump in 'BadBadNotGood' music video
Snoop Dogg seen shooting a toy gun at a clown version of Donald Trump in 'BadBadNotGood' music video

A new music video featuring Snoop Dogg and Michael Rappaport (playing a clown) has been released and it has caused an uproar on the Right and especially from Donald Trump who felt the need to tweet about it as he always does when he wants to vent about something. Here's the video and I'm going to give my opinion of it below...

What's interesting is that everyone is focusing on a few seconds of the music video near the end where Snoop Dogg is shown pointing a toy gun at a clown version of Donald Trump followed by a 'BANG' flag like something off of Looney Tunes or something. In no part of the video does Snoop remotely advocate for hurting the President. Matter of fact, after they do the whole fake shooting, they later show the same clown still standing next to Snoop in chains! I guess meaning that Trump's clown like positions should be in chains. So if he were supposed to be dead, why'd they show the same clown in the next few shots? However it is being spun by the Right today that Snoop was advocating for Trump's assassination which is ludicrous. They want you to ignore all of the much more violent things said about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the past. Let's not forget about this...

Back during the campaign, as mentioned in the tweet above, Trump openly called for people to attack Hillary Clinton. Not with toy guns in an artistic music form a la Snoop Dogg either.

I digress on that because I love this video. What is going to go under the radar are the political statements Snoop makes throughout the video. I enjoy seeing entertainers get political and put their necks out there because they really don't have to. What Snoop did in making this video takes courage. No one will say that because of the spin that people will put on the video. However we've seen from the backlash against Beyonce's 'Formation' performance during the Superbowl and against artists like Kendrick Lamar that there is an effort to silence anti-oppressive lyrics in Hip-Hop. They want rappers to keep rapping about killing other Black men so they can use that as justification to maintain their prison-industrial complex. When rappers start smarting up and do what Snoop, Beyonce, Kendrick or others do...using their platforms to push a message...all of a sudden we have problems.

I advise you to watch the video at least a couple times. Snoop Dogg says at one point "fuck the police, from a black man's point of view, spray that shit, say that shit" while a cop in clown face is eating a donut. At another point he says, "resident evil, it's all on camera and they still don't believe us" while the clown cop shoots Michael Rappaport in his car (with glitter coming out of his body lol) and it's being recorded by a black bystander. I can't say what particular incident Snoop is referring to...there have been a number of shootings caught on camera just for L.E. to spin it in the media so no charges can be filed. The most notorious example recently has to be the Walter Scott case however where Scott was shown being shot while running away...and a gun even being planted next to him. The killer, Michael Slager, was set free after a hung jury verdict came in.  

Snoop Dogg also makes a reference to reparations saying they will be taken "due to all the shit that you muthafucker's don did." So Snoop makes a connection between state violence and reparations which is pretty powerful and I'll say again courageous. 

I don't think anything serious will happen to Snoop Dogg, but the mere fact that Trump alluded to "jailtime" in a tweet means they may try something. Funny how the people who jump and scream about free speech when it comes to protesting neo-Nazis and trolls are once against silent when the state actually advocates violating the First amendment. We all know people are selective (more like tribal) with their outrage though and selective about who they go after and get offended by. We will see what happens.

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