Racist Florida Official Suspended After Threatening Florida’s First Black State Attorney With Lynching

Stan McCullars is the assistant finance director at the Seminole County Clerk of Court and Comptroller’s Office. He took to Facebook recently and made several comments (one which was blatantly racist) about Aramis Ayala - Florida's first African-American woman to serve as state attorney.

 Here you can read Stan McCullars disgusting comments
Here you can read Stan McCullars disgusting comments

So McCullars was upset that Aramis Ayala didn't seek the death penalty in a case involving the murder of a police officer. Not only was he upset, but apparently the Governor of Florida Rick Scott was also not too pleased, so he had her removed from her position on the murder case seemingly to put someone in to replace her who would give the groups advocating for legalized state murder what they wanted in this situation.

McCullars would eventually remove the comment from Facebook, but of course people took snapshots before he did that. The State Comptrollers Office immediately distanced themselves from McCullars comments and placed him on paid administrative leave while they decide on the proper course of action on how to discipline him.

Now let me just say that I'm not giving Stan McCullars any type of pass on this. In the current political climate, when the fear of state violence is heightened, these comments are not acceptable. Some may take this as a bad joke, I don't see how since there's nothing he says that implies he was joking. He says "if not hung from a tree." There is no joking about lynching, I don't even know who would find a sick joke like that funny. So I'm taking this seriously and not as a joke as I think all of my readers should.

Ayala is newly-elected and has made public statements recently about not seeking the death penalty under any case during her administration, and the law enforcement community went crazy. She just got into office and is already getting death threats from people in government like McCullars. Something is in the water in Florida, and it's not good.

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