We Demand Justice for Jordan Edwards

On the night of Saturday, April 29, 15-year old high school freshman Jordan Edwards was leaving a party in Balch Springs, Texas (just outside Dallas) after the police had been called to the scene.

According to reports, officers had been on the scene potentially due to the size of a party that was going on at the house Jordan Edwards was previously in before trying to leave. Reports say over 100 people were present at the house party. Sometime around  11 p.m. gunshots were heard outside which provoked a response from law enforcement on the scene.

Clearly, before he knew what was going on, the officer who shot Jordan Edwards (who has not yet been named) saw Edwards leaving the party and opened fire before assessing the situation. Jordan Edwards died after being shot in the head with a rifle and according to the family, his brothers were there the moment he died. They had to witness their best friend die and become another victim of state violence.

The Balch Springs Police Department initially claimed on Sunday that Jordan Edwards was shot and killed because he was driving the car in reverse "in an aggressive manner." However, a day later after watching also unreleased body cam footage it was actually shown that nothing of the sort occurred and the police chief corrected the previous statement made.

The medical examiner's office has ruled Jordan Edwards' death a homicide, but we've seen law enforcement in the past wiggle their way out of previous situations such as this. So this doesn't mean Edwards' killer will be charged with a crime and/or sent to prison.

The family has asked for a refrain from protests and marches as they prepare for Jordan Edwards' funeral which should be respected. We will stay on top of this however until more information is presented.

What is angering about this story and many others like it is the quickness by which false claims are made by police departments immediately after cop killings occur when they clearly haven't had enough time to investigate whether or not what they're saying is true. We have to hold these public servants to a much higher standard than we currently do. Too much chaos is allowed to permeate policing in America which most of the time goes unpunished. This is yet another tragedy the pile on top of a community that already holds the burden of countless tragedies and injustices from the past. We demand justice for Jordan Edwards, but damn...enough is enough.

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