Steve Harvey Makes Disgusting Joke About Caller From Flint, Michigan

On the 14th of this past week, Steve Harvey made one of the dumbest, most petty comments you would ever want to hear directed towards a caller from Flint, Michigan. The Flint caller was a fan of the Golden State Warriors, the team which eliminated Harvey's team the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals a couple days prior.

Harvey, being way too emotionally attached to sports, insulted the caller stating that he hoped he'd enjoy his "nice brown glass of water." Can you believe that?! What kind of sick person jokes about a human rights abuse against his own people? 

His co-hosts were quick to fake laugh it off and try to make it seem like it wasn't as bad as it was. Notice though that the caller was dead silent. The caller didn't think that was remotely funny because it isn't. Twelve state officials in Michigan have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with an outbreak of Legionnaires disease. We're talking about state murder and the poisoning of thousands.

There are thousands who have not died, yet have now been afflicted with major medical conditions due entirely to the corruption and disregard for Black life within and around the Governor's office in Michigan.

Harvey hasn't made matters any better in the few days since he created this controversy either. He has not apologized, he just stated that the comment was made as part of "light-hearted trash talk" between he and the Flint caller. He said that the comment was directed towards him and not the city of if that's somehow supposed to make it better.

His arrogant and "coonish" approach to the Black community has become a trend. I agree with others who say that Black people shouldn't support him. Stop giving money to people who routinely make it clear they look down on you.

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