State Violence is State Terrorism: Philando Castile and the Ongoing Assault on Black Life

Warning: This article is laced with profanity!

According to the Handbook of International Law, state terrorism can not only be defined as terrorism conducted by a state against foreign adversaries but also as acts of cruelty and murder committed by a state against its own people. State terrorism is common in dictatorships around the world and is actually a hallmark of them.

Put simply, America has crossed the Rubicon on state terrorism - it has passed the point of no return. We're past the point of debating whether or not the training needs to change. The training needed to change a long ass time ago. We're at the point where murdering black people on camera, even for the wrong reason, is being covered up and excused by the state. But it's worse than that even.

Jurors, our fellow Americans, now bear some of the responsibility. We know that juries can be stacked and certain groups kept off of juries to make the desired outcome more likely (like for instance getting an acquittal for a cop on trial). So when you hear about jury after jury after jury letting these perpetrators of state terrorism off the hook, know that is by design in many ways. Some of these folks smiling in your face at work, in the gym, at the club, at the football game, etc. would likely rationalize your death if you were executed by the state.

Rationalizing state violence and being a denier of state terrorism in America is a lapse in logic and human decency that many people are engaged in. Some I think are unwitting, others, however, are playing stupid.

It should be clear to everyone that state violence is state terrorism. It's one thing to say police have the right to defend themselves, but when their use of force is clearly over-the-top and inexcusable, they are held accountable. It's something totally different to say they have the right to defend themselves and murder innocent people. Murdering innocent Americans that didn't deserve to die is not protecting and serving and it damn sure isn't cops "defending themselves." To say it is is to say that killing innocent black people is a form of defense - which is completely mental. Unless of course you're a white supremacist or taken in by white supremacist logic. 

To a white supremacist, murdering black people is defense! If you really stop and think about the sickness of stating that a cop has the right to defend himself/herself even when they kill the wrong people! As I stated, the underlying message is that to kill innocents is a form of defense! 

Philando Castile was a victim of state terrorism and his 2nd amendment rights were violated. He was a legal gun owner, one of the good guys and made the killer cop aware ahead of time that he had his gun on him. So his being executed for "reaching for his gun" is horseshit. That's the excuse they decided to run with knowing that the jury would likely side with the state terrorist as they always do.

The media participates in the jumping through logical hoops as they try to make these murders sound like they make sense. They say that because there isn't video footage exactly at the moment the killer cop approached the car, they can't verify what was said and not said even though Castile's girlfriend testified that the officer was made aware that Philando was carrying a gun. It became a "he said, she said" incident like always and the jury sided with the killer cop.

This is not remotely normal outside of America. Only in America (and developing nations) are these kinds of bullshit arguments allowed to fly in the "court of law." Americans are so damn out-of-touch with reality on this issue and dense as a block of cement. The stats regarding the number of people killed by police in America versus the rest of the world proves how stuck on stupid and brainwashed many people are in this country when it comes to state violence/state terrorism.

The media constantly looks to portray black victims of state terror as somehow responsible for their victimization. 

The Maintenance of White Supremacy via State Terrorism

You can't maintain a system of white supremacy without having two very important things. First, you need a media apparatus that is going to regurgitate your talking points verbatim and not challenge your arguments too strongly. When it comes to law enforcement, the media defers to "authority figures" to tell their story. It's literally like asking a bank robber to explain raiding bank deposits is justified.

Then second you need a corrupt judicial system that won't hold state terror agents accountable when they violate the human rights of American citizens. You need this corrupt judicial system to legitimize the military arm of white supremacy which is, and always has been killer cops. It used to be militias like the KKK in conjunction with killer cops pre-integration, but they had to put a stop to that. Now it's just killer cops who are really KKK in disguise.

Without the media participating in the cover-up of state domestic terrorism in America and a criminal injustice system that legitimizes state violence - it would be very hard for white supremacy to exist in America. It could still exist, but they'd have no media apparatus to protect them and no judiciary to prevent them from doing jail time. White supremacy would have no military arm like it does now.

We have to come to grips with this reality. We have to realize that protecting agents of state terrorism is critical for the maintenance of white supremacy.

Charleena Lyles

As of the writing of this article, it's come to my attention that another innocent life has been taken. That is how routine acts of state terror are in America. They are happening on a daily basis, one after another with no end in sight. Matter of fact, with Donald Trump in office and Jeff Sessions heading the Department of Justice, one can expect acts of state terror to actually get worse over the next 3 1/2 years (assuming we can overcome voter suppression in 2020 to get a progressive in office).

According to early reports, the 30-year old Lyles called the police for help regarding a burglary. When they showed up, they're claiming she attacked them with a knife, so they had to kill her. Charleena Lyles was killed in front of her three children, so now thanks to state terrorism these kids will be scarred for the rest of their lives. The idea that she attacked them with a knife knowing that police were on the way since she called them doesn't sound logical at all. Like always, the initial media reporting is always slanted against the victim.

The Seattle Times ran with this disgusting headline immediately as the news of her death spread across social media. 'Armed woman fatally shot after calling police had mental-health issues, family says.' Like I said, the media plays a crucial role in the maintenance of white supremacy, so this is not surprising.

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