Andrew Young Calls The KKK The “Forgotten” Americans After He Refuses To Condemn Them

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So I've launched a new e-commerce store through Shopify called Kandake & Barca. This has been a plan I've had in motion for far too long and it's finally here...growing pains and all. Support us anyway that you can, I didn't want to start a Patreon even though that would've been easier. I wanted to actually build something I could call my own. Some of you might have noticed that the store section of the blog is no longer there. I've transferred everything to Kandake & Barca. So you can go there and not only find items that used to be on this website but a whole lot more as well. This is only the beginning and I have big plans for Kandake & Barca in the near future. So stay tuned!

 Defund, Divest, and Abolish..only at Kandake & Barca
Defund, Divest, and Abolish..only at Kandake & Barca

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