NFL Athlete Michael Bennett Raises Awareness of Palestinian Oppression By Skipping Israel Trip

NFL star Michael Bennett has come out in solidarity with the movement for Black lives and the people of Palestine who are currently being oppressed by the authoritarian right-wing government of Israel. It takes a lot of courage to be an outspoken athlete, even moreso when you speak out against what's happening to the Palestinians. So this blog article will hopefully be one of the few that shows Bennett some support, because it's become way too easy to simply attack people who take morally strong and courageous positions.

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Freedom of Speech Is a Two Way Street

I was compelled to write this article as a rebuttal against the notion that protesting hate speech from trolls and provocateurs is somehow a violation of free speech. I show that free speech is a two way street and will not be used as a political weapon to silence dissent. I am disturbed by the number of people on the Left who have fallen for this right-wing okie-doke.

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