Reliving Black Wall Street & The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot

The terroristic destruction of Black Wall Street in 1921 is one of the most horrific stories you will ever learn about. It was located in the Greenwood neighborhood in Tusla, Oklahoma and was burned to the ground in what has been labeled the Tulsa race riot by history. 

While some have tried to encourage black people to forget the past, the continuance and rising threat of right-wing extremism forces us to relive this ugly chapter in American history.

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Black Spending Power Is Overrated – The Dynamic Between Black Labor and White Wealth

Black spending power is overrated. There is something much more important that we as black people should be focused on and it doesn't involve building foundations in a system of exploitation so we can further exploit our own people and create a separate class of 'bourgeoisie Blacks' who will undoubtedly show the same disdain for lower class Blacks that 'bourgeoisie Whites' show.

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