Trump Calls Haiti and African Nations ‘Shithole’ Countries

Donald Trump set off a firestorm when it was revealed by Senator Dick Durbin that the President referred to Haiti and nations in Africa as "shitholes" as he became agitated and asked why they needed to be allowed in the country.

To make matters worse, as if his racism is not obvious enough, he later asked why we don't take more immigrants from Norway and Asian countries.

There have been a lot of people who have been in denial about Trump's racism and white supremacy. I have written a lot about it myself and have spoken about it on several occasions with people in my circle. Some want to play it down and de-emphasize it, others openly apologize for it (usually his base). Anyone who continues to play stupid about what this man is is part of the problem.

It's my opinion that this would not be known if Dick Durbin had not been in the room at the time. I don't see any Republicans coming out and making an issue out of this without the initial revelation by Durbin. It makes one wonder what other disturbing statements have been made by this President regarding black people that we don't currently know about.

We know back in December of 2017, Trump claimed all Haitians have AIDS and that Nigerian immigrants wouldn't go back to their "huts in Africa" once they arrived on American shores. Sick and disgusting comments from the supposed "leader" of the free world.

This comment comes on the heels of gutted protections of immigrants from El Salvador and Haiti, both groups have been targeted by Trump recently. 

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