Exposed: California Police Worked With Neo-Nazis To Target ‘Anti-Racist’ Activists

A report from The Guardian has exposed yet another case of intentional and deliberate bias within the ranks of law enforcement favoring white supremacist groups. This time it stems from the June 2016 rally in Sacramento, California which was organized by a neo-Nazi group.

California police investigating a violent white nationalist event worked with white supremacists in an effort to identify counter-protesters and sought the prosecution of activists with “anti-racist” beliefs, court documents show.

— The Guardian

It's worse than that. As the article goes on, the local police department wasn't just working with neo-Nazis to identify their attackers. Then maybe turning around and working with the anti-fascists and anti-racists to get info on their attackers who were neo-Nazis. That would've been the fair and balanced approach.

No, instead the California highway patrol (CHP) worked with the neo-Nazis in a biased fashion in an effort to criminalize the anti-racists and shift the blame of the violence at the rally away from the white supremacists and onto the people standing up for the rights of black and brown people.

The records, which also showed officers expressing sympathy with white supremacists and trying to protect a neo-Nazi organizer’s identity, were included in a court briefing from three anti-fascist activists who were charged with felonies after protesting at a Sacramento rally. The defendants were urging a judge to dismiss their case and accused California police and prosecutors of a “cover-up and collusion with the fascists”.

Defense lawyers said the case at the state capital offers the latest example of US law enforcement appearing to align with neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups while targeting anti-fascist activists and Donald Trump protesters after violent clashes.

— The Guardian

Expressing sympathy and providing protection. Clear signs of the infiltration of LE by people with white supremacist leanings. Then people wonder why members of the black community are skeptical of police and criticize the notion that the problem is merely an issue of poor training. People wonder why the black community has been targeted in the drug war, while whites use drugs at the same rates as blacks. 

The collusion Black America must grapple with is not the collusion between America and Russia, but the collusion between law enforcement (the State) and white supremacy. 

Felarca’s attorneys obtained numerous examples of CHP officers working directly with the TWP, often treating the white nationalist group as victims and the anti-fascists as suspects.
In one phone call with Doug McCormack, identified by police as the TWP affiliate who acquired the permit for the Sacramento rally, CHP investigator Donovan Ayres warned him that police might have to release his name in response to a public records requests. The officer said he would try to protect McCormack.

“I’m gonna suggest that we hold that or redact your name or something until this gets resolved,” Ayres told McCormack, adding that he didn’t know who had requested records of the permit and noting, “If I did, I would tell you.”

Ayres’s reports noted that McCormack was armed at the rally with a knife.

The officer’s write-up about an African American anti-fascist activist included a photo of him at the hospital after the rally and noted that he had been stabbed in the abdomen, chest and hand.

Ayres, however, treated the protester like a suspect in the investigation. The police investigator recommended the man be charged with 11 offenses, including disturbing the peace, conspiracy, assault, unlawful assembly and wearing a mask to evade police.

As evidence, Ayres provided Facebook photos of the man holding up his fist. The officer wrote that the man’s “Black Power salute” and his “support for anti-racist activism” demonstrated his “intent and motivation to violate the civil rights” of the neo-Nazi group. He was ultimately not charged.

— The Guardian

Further reporting in the article shows the witch-hunt nature of this investigation and the lengths to which these agents of state and racial violence will go to protect, not simply the rights of neo-Nazis, but the image of them as well. This story is really about how some cops are far from unbiased and seek to tilt the scales in favor of fascism. The potential long-term dangers of this practice cannot be understated. Unless you want to believe that you can have this type of deep-seated bias within LE and it won't blow back on black and brown communities in a very negative way. One can't possibly believe that if they know an iota of American history, specifically African-American history.

As the article describes, there's a Black victim who CHP investigator Donovan Ayers recommended be charged with 11 offenses. Claiming that he was there to "violate the civil rights of the neo-Nazis" basically because of a Facebook post showing the black victim with his fist in the air. That sounds like they're trying to pin some bs BIE(black identity extremist) label on him.

Also, notice how the far-right and their sympathizers within LE want to find ways to use accusations of civil rights violations against black people protesting against racism and fascism. One of the common pieces of propaganda spewed on the far-right is the notion that they're the "real victims of racism." It already came out late last year that a majority of white Americans believe they face discrimination. So white supremacist groups clearly have allies on the force who are looking for ways to prove that and to criminalize people who protest against racial terrorism and racial injustice. 

Allegations of police bias and collusion with neo-Nazis have emerged in similar cases across the US. Last year, US prosecutors targeting anti-Trump protesters in Washington DC relied on video evidence from a far-right group with a record of deceptive tactics.

At an Oregon “alt-right” event, police allowed a member of a rightwing militia-style group to help officers arrest an anti-fascist activist.

Police in Charlottesville were widely accused of standing by as Nazis attacked protesters, and a black man who was badly beaten by white supremacists was later charged with a felony.

Sam Menefee-Libey, an activist who advocated for protesters charged for Inauguration Day rallies last year, said the government has repeatedly gone to great lengths to target anti-fascists: “We have patterns of acknowledged and unacknowledged overlaps between the interest of ultra-right nationalist organizations and the police and prosecutors’ offices.”

— The Guardian

What this report continues to prove is that there are many people in positions of power and authority in America who aren't nearly as threatened by fascism and right-wing terrorism as they are by anti-fascism and equality. This is not the first time problematic relationships between law enforcement and hate groups have surfaced and it definitely won't be the last. 

This will only make the relationship worse and the distrust deeper between communities fighting against racism and fascism and law enforcement. Those on the Left who continue to be in denial about the extent of this problem and seek to micro-manage the discussion by attacking "identity politics" are missing the point. Those on the Right who deny the problem even exists will only continue to be proven wrong.

However, it's not about right and wrong anymore. We're far past that. If it were about right and wrong, there would be nothing left to discuss and people would see the problem for what it is. No, it's about one group's attempt to hide their oppression so they can continue it unchallenged, and another groups attempt to eradicate the system that has oppressed them for over 300 years.

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