An Ode to Truth

You exist not as we always want you to be,

     But your true nature cannot be ignored.

Whether we agree or disagree,

     The truth of truths will come knocking at the door.

What is the true reality of things that we see?

     Is it a rigid matrix, pre-built and unmoving?

Or more like the wild and majestic flowing of the sea?

     There will come a time when we will have to choose,

The farce, the fake, the insulting false reality of lies?

     What world will we create built on such booze?


I call out to all who wish to choose,

     The true, the real, the unapologetic breakthroughs.

Those who wish to know the true nature of the world,

     Free from propaganda and agendas - what a beautiful dream world.

They say we can change the world but not before,

     The truth of truths comes knocking at your door.

So let it in and don't be shy,

     Opportunity will knock once before it passes you by.

Do not fret for it will return,

     Whether it be truth or lies that knocks you will have to discern.


Beware! For lies do knock too,

     They are cloaked and appealing as if they are true.

We want to believe them because most people do,

     I knew a man once and in him hatred grew.

The lies banged on his heart and mind day and night,

     and out of his mouth vomit flew.

The merchants of discord imbued in him much fright,

     Then one day he grabbed a gun and put us all in his line of sight.

Beware of the treachery that knocks on the door,

     This is an ode to truth - I will say no more.

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