CDC Epidemiologist Goes Missing, The Lack of Black Progress Since 1968, Akon’s Plans To Power Puerto Rico Rejected By Trump Administration, Namibia Sues Germans Over Genocide


CDC Employee Tim Cunningham has gone missing in Atlanta after saying he felt ill. The local police are lost as to what happened to him and his family is looking for answers. A new study from the Economic Policy Institute exposes the fact that Black America has not progressed as much as we think we have. In some areas, we remain stagnant and in others, we're actually doing worse than we were in 1968.

Akon had plans to help Puerto Rico and submitted a proposal that was rejected by the Trump administration. He said he could've had power back on the island in 1 month. Hundreds of thousands of people are still without power.

The people of Namibia are suing the German government over a genocide that occurred there during the colonial era. This is a genocide that the Germans have admitted to and there is a close link between the Namibian genocide and the Holocaust that happened a few decades later.

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