The Rats Are Jumping Ship! White House Departures Have Piled Up

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Gary Cohn can now be added to an enormous list of White House departures. In what one can only imagine as the most scandal-ridden administration in decades, it's a surprise Trump has anyone left around him at this point.

 List of White House Departures
List of White House Departures

Here's a smaller list of some of the more well-known firings, dismissals, and departures.

 The Trump Turnover Machine
The Trump Turnover Machine

Who's Next?

Who will become the next casualty of incompetence in this administration? Jeff Sessions perhaps? Donald Trump has taken a number of shots at him and refers to him as Mr. McGoo. Sessions has been on Trump's bad side ever since he recused himself regarding the Russia investigation. However, Trump may like what Sessions is currently getting away with at the Department of Justice in rolling back Civil Rights protections, promoting and defending the Drug War (aka the war on black people) and a whole host of other anti-freedom, anti-justice agendas that Jeff Sessions pushes.

How about Rex Tillerson? Jared Kushner is a possibility as well. Tillerson might turn out to literally have been hand-picked by Russia if reports turn out to be true and a newly-revealed Steele Dossier is confirmed. If that's the case, I can't imagine he'd stay in that position and he's been exposed.

All I can say is, the chickens have come home to roost. The GOP spent 8 years attacking Obama on conspiracy theories and lies. In their xenophobic rage, they just put the worse President in U.S. history in power. The country is being damaged because 30% of America didn't want a Black President, so we all have to suffer. This is karma coming back and hitting the American right-wing where it's going to hurt the most. This dysfunction in the Trump White House is a reflection of that negative energy.

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