About Black and Intellectual

I started Black and Intellectual in the winter of 2016 during the primary season of the 2016 election. I felt compelled to get a certain word out that I felt was lacking on other alternative blogs and websites. I am a college graduate like many others living in a time when a college degree is not only expensive, but increasingly worthless. The point is, certain societal structures are broken…some completely broken. This site is meant for people who understand that the mainstream media is essentially a propaganda arm of the establishment and want a liberal, progressive, democratic socialist and most importantly Black point-of-view on what is going on in the world and how these problems should be addressed. To do something like this requires strength, passion and courage. It’s never been easy going against the grain, but someone has to do it.

I consider myself to be unapologetic in my Blackness and I understand some feel threatened by that, however that does not mean certain inconvenient truths should go unspoken. Truths about the criminal justice system, truths about the new gilded age that has arisen and threatens the integrity of American democracy, truths about history both ancient, modern and all eras in between. There are truths in science, truths in spirituality and religion and many other topics that go unnoticed or unspoken. I believe it’s time to break the chains of the controlled narratives that dominate our lives and enslave our minds.

– From Brian, Founder of Black and Intellectual

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The Mission

To Express Through Words The Truths That Are Hidden in Plain Sight. No Longer Unseen.

The Vision

We envision a world where Black life is valued and Black experiences are no longer hidden in plain sight. A world where agendas against Black people are exposed and not silenced to protect White fragility. In this reality, you can be pro-Black and successful and don’t have to choose between your career and social acceptance and advocacy for racial justice.

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