Alabama Continues To Show It’s Belief In Systemic White Supremacy

Systemic racism is alive and well in America circa 2017. The untruths that have been told since the assassination of Martin Luther King are now falling apart. Truth is, the Civil Rights movement should've never ended and should be considered unfinished business...not as history to be learned and forgotten as if we fully overcame.

 Last week Gov. Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017. It's protects monuments and statues that have been up for at least 40 years from removal in cities and counties across the state.  Supporters claim they are protecting history, detractors like myself say they're protecting the local mythologizing of traitors. Some of the most un-American people to ever live were Confederates and this attempt to whitewash history by romanticizing what they stood for is disgusting. People who read this blog knows what's up though. They can word it however they want to give themselves political cover for caping for Confederates. A number of the constituents of a lot of these deep south politicians are white supporters of the Confederacy...or people who are ok with the memorials being up. Not to mention my belief that many of these politicians are white supremacists anyway.

Alabama is also one of over a dozen states that have either passed a 'Blue Lives Matter' law or are in the process of passing one. These laws represent a doubling down on state violence, don't be fooled by the flowery language. 

As if all of that wasn't bad enough, a Judge in Alabama recently allowed a town to secede from a school district with black students in it to create essentially a 'whites-only' zone for themselves so their children won't have to go to school with black children. This decision was made by the Judge despite the fact that in her own ruling she stated that she believes there were "darker forces" behind the initiative to create a separate white school district! In Judge Madeline Haikala's own words she said she believes race played a role. To that I say "DUH!" Of course it played a role and that should've been obvious from the very beginning. It begs the question, why did she give the green light for the separation if she knew that?!?

I say this to black people...screw them. Let them go and build your own. I'm sure there may be budgetary reasons why black leaders in the other town might be dismayed by this, they might not get as much funding as before. However, we've got to get away from this idea that we need people who don't give a crap about us and some of them want to see us fail. So screw them.

Systemic white supremacy is alive and well in America and never went away. Even though Alabama was the focus of this opinion piece, this is happening all over the country. The question is what are we going to do about it? We keep trying to prove over and over again that we are equal to everyone else, but a lot of these folks don't care about that. They're passing Blue Lives Matter laws, they're passing laws to protect treasonous Americans who wanted to maintain slavery, they're funneling our men and women into a neo-slavery prison system. Don't let the election of Barack Obama fool you, as the rise of Trumpism has shown...this is still very much a racist country. Alabama is a trend, not an outlier.

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