America Is a Backward and Regressive Nation

When you peel back the layers of the glistening city lights, the massive military apparatus and the economy, what you see is an America that has always been socially and culturally ass-backward.

The large cities no longer make America special. Most countries with stable economies have at least a couple of major urban centers. The large global military footprint is maintained to keep other nations in check after America has spent generations toppling democratically-elected governments, starting unnecessary wars, and destabilizing entire regions of the world for profit and global domination. The booming economy is a mirage that only represents how a small few are doing. In reality, the middle class is shrinking, devastating tax cuts are being passed that will destroy the middle class even further, and many predict another economic collapse that will pale in comparison to the one in 2008 (you might want to start buying cryptocurrencies).

As I watched the news and saw that Brett Kavanaugh was sure to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, I tuned out of politics for a couple of days to collect my thoughts. To be honest, I’m not even sure I am ready to properly channel my anger into a coherent message. The anger inside me rages on multiple levels as I’m sure it rages in the hearts and minds of many other Americans.

How the hell does a President under FBI investigation, with multiple people around him being implicated in crimes, get to put a man in such a powerful position? How the hell does a man like Brett Kavanaugh get to talk down the Democratic Senators during a Senate Judiciary hearing in such a major display of white male privilege and have temper tantrums on national television and get the benefit of the doubt when that would never happen if he were a woman or a black man? I can go on and on - then it hit me.

What we are witnessing is the birth of American fascism and it is happening on the back of a regressive and backward right-wing culture that is violent, highly undemocratic, simple-minded, and cares only about the maintenance of white male power. Logic and truth are dead. They are empty words that mean nothing to the current political power structure in this country.

Words don’t do justice to understand how dire the situation is right now. I advise folks to try to be as positive as possible in these dark times. Meditate, pray, whatever you need to do.

I am only slightly encouraged by the ‘Blue Wave’ that seeks to upend the maniacs running the country right now. I would be more encouraged if I believed we had a fair electoral system - which we don’t. Our electoral system is very easy to rig and they’ve been rigging it for many years now. I’m one of the few on the Left who even consistently writes and talks about this. The only reason the far-right is in power today is because of years of gerrymandering, voter purges, and other forms of unconstitutional voter suppression. I’m not talking about 1918…I’m talking about 2018. It’s happening right now up under everyone’s noses!

Their views are NOT popular among a majority of Americans! They know this, so the only way for them to maintain power is by destroying democracy itself. That can only be described as backward and regressive. This is part of American culture, and it’s not a small part either. It is a dominant aspect of how white Americans have operated for generations.

This country wasn’t more democratic under Jim Crow. It wasn’t more democratic under slavery and when women couldn’t vote. This idea that America was “once good,” but now it’s lost its way is misguided. America has always been a misogynistic, anti-black, pro-all-things-white-male shithole that had great ways of polishing this turd to make it look better than it actually was.

Those same years white Americans look back to as “the golden years” were the same years when black Americans were being lynched as our ancestors lived under a system of racial apartheid called Jim Crow. You have a lot of people who want to “yea but…” American history that doesn’t fit the narrative white Americans like to tell of the past.

Conservative white Americans like to attack black culture, yet these are the same fools who vote for people like Trump and the degenerate culture of lying, cheating, and bullshit that he represents. Our culture is “the problem,” yet their culture props up people like Roy Moore and apologizes for sexual predators. Our culture is violent, yet their culture which dominates American society is the most violent on the face of the Earth. Martin Luther King said it best during his ‘Beyond Vietnam’ speech when he called America the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.

To end this opinion piece, what’s quickly being realized is that the normal ways of bringing about change are not working. I’ll hold out hope for a political turnover in 2018, but that may be our last chance. The political “leaders” in this country clearly aren’t representative of the population that’s elected them. Not only that, but they’re beginning to view democracy itself as problematic because white voting power is diminishing. They loved democracy when they were the “kingmakers.” Now that Black Americans and others have a powerful voice, well democracy isn’t so great anymore. To many on the Right, if they have to maintain ethnic power by suppressing others, then so be it. That’s the reality of the situation we’re in right now.

Some just want to see a collapse of this entire political order, despite the fact that it can, and might very well, get a lot worse before any collapse of this toxic government happens. I don’t believe in giving up though and I certainly don’t think it’s productive to simply allow fascists to gain more power because folks don’t believe in the system anymore to want to use what political power they have left.

There is no easy path forward. There are no simple solutions to what amounts to decades worth of systemic abuses by the U.S. government on its population that has given rise to arguably the most corrupt administration in U.S. history - definitely within our lifetime.

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