It’s about time we built our own thing family. We need our own space to talk among ourselves.

Social media has its uses, but we cannot use it to say what we want – not really. Hashtags are being suppressed, accounts and groups are deleted without warning. We cannot depend on tech giants, nor should we trust them.

That’s where the Black and Intellectual membership community comes in. We need room to be unfiltered and honest with each other without the entire world watching.

Some things are left best said in the privacy of family and friends. That’s what this community is about. Black and Intellectual is about being unfiltered and unapologetic in our pursuit of justice for all.

All people are welcomed. I do not discriminate. However, be aware what we are about.

Black and Intellectual IS For You...

  • If You Know the Corporate Media Is Part of the Problem

  • If You Know How Necessary Indie Black Media Is

  • If You Believe in Universal Justice and Know All Black Lives Always Matter

  • If You Are a Leftist, Progressive, or Independent

    Doesn't Matter What Kind. This includes Progressive Democrats.

If you answered YES to the questions above, then continue reading….

Black and Intellectual IS NOT For You...

  • If You Care More About Identity Politics Than White Supremacy

  • If You Think There Are Good People On Both Sides

  • If The Only Time You Care About Injustice Is When You Think You're The Victim of it

  • If You Rock The Red Hat

    You know...the one made in China.

…If Not, then in the immortal words of Martin Lawrence…”gets to steppin’!”



The Intellectual

$ 5 / month
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The Intellectual plan includes: 

  • The Progressive Rebel

    Access to the Progressive Rebel monthly newsletter

  • Private Telegram Chat

    Access to the private Telegram group. The name of which is only known by those who are in it. This is for MEMBERS-ONLY!

  • Early Bird Interviews

    Gain access to interviews a week before they are posted onto the Black and Intellectual Youtube channel.


The Ally

$ 10 / month
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The Ally plan includes everying from the previous plan PLUS:

  • The Society of the Destined

    You'll be able to beta read the upcoming afrofuturistic fantasy novella written by Brian. Set in a magical world full of Black characters.

  • The Radicals Guide To America¬†

    An ongoing reading list with notes containing important points.


The Comrade

$ 25 / month
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The Comrade plan includes everything in the previous two plans PLUS: 

  • FREE Black and Intellectual T-Shirt

  • Foundation Credit

    You will be listed as a 'Foundational' member of Black and Intellectual on all new articles and at the end of every video that is posted to Youtube. There will also be a special page created just for The Comrades'.

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How Is the Money Made From Memberships Used?

We don’t want you to think the money you give goes to frivolous things and we want to be transparent. Every dime we make goes into making Black and Intellectual a better platform for radical voices. So here is how your money will be put to good use.

  • Website Upkeep - cost of the server, plugins, updates, and more
  • Tool Maintanence - costs of what we believe to be overpriced SEO tools, content curation tools, paid photo licensing, etc.
  • Research Material - books, articles, journals
  • Legal Costs - any costs associated with legal paperwork and fees
  • Marketing Materials - the costs associated with maintaining a healthy marketing budget and the graphic materials needed for that

Black and Intellectual will be used as a launchpad for bigger and bolder projects. However, we need a strong foundation of supporters first. You thought we just wanted to write articles and post Youtube videos our entire lives? HA! As important as those things are, they’re not liberating enough. Liberation through knowledge and cooperation is what we strive for.

The list of ideas is quite long!

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