Black America Under Attack and the Problem of State Violence Denialism

In this video, I let off some steam regarding the recent killings of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott in Tulsa and Charlotte respectively. As the mythological establishment narratives come out over the next few days, we need to be mindful of attempts to spin a false narrative on the part of law enforcement. Something that is not rare and routinely happens when it comes to Black deaths. Check out my most recent Youtube video below.

This morning, it's also important to give some updates. It already appears that the cop narrative is falling apart as it appears the police chief has seen the video and says that the video provides no clear, definitive evidence that Keith Scott pointed a gun at the officer who they are still trying to claim was Black. Eyewitnesses on the scene tell a completely different story and say that the officer who shot and killed Keith Scott was actually White. So how could the police chief give a press conference recently stating that the video would "change the narrative," yet now something different is being said. This is why you have to be careful taking their word as the gospel in situations like this.

The video needs to be released to restore trust. They're still trying to claim that Mr. Scott had a gun however and until we see the video...we won't be able to confirm that either. Watch this video below and see for yourself from an eyewitnesses own mouth. The MSM continues to cover this up however.

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