Black Millennials Are Rejecting the Lesser of Two Evils Argument

 Young Black voters like the man pictured here may decide the outcome of the General Election.
Young Black voters like the man pictured here may decide the outcome of the General Election.

Black millennials are rejecting the 'lesser of two evils' argument - and it is beautiful! Once again, Democrats are begging for the Black vote. Only this time, people are wiser and smarter and aren't falling for the same Washington games that they've now succumb to in every election that's passed. At least Millennials are, and that is clearly causing many of the neo-liberals and plutocrats within the Democratic Party establishment to worry.

Let us first understand that of all generations, the millennial generation is the most diverse and are more numerous in size than Baby Boomers. 44.2% of millennials are non-White and will going forward impact the voting electorate more and more. Over the coming weeks as Election Day draws nearer, Black voters - especially Black millennials - are going to be cajoled into voting for Hillary Clinton by establishment Democrats and even some progressive Democrats. I understand the fear of a Trump Presidency that many feel, I don't want him to be President at all. However at the same time, progressive millennials have to decide how long they will continue to help prop up this corrupt system. The fact that the millennial generation is the most diverse is having a tremendous impact on millennial support for Hillary Clinton. That diversity is bringing a difference of opinion within the Democratic Party that is not going away anytime soon. The differences are so deep and strongly believed, that a real schism within the party is definitely possible...especially if Hillary loses in November.

Differences of opinion on policy is a good thing. However it has not been treated that way by those looking to ignore the corruption, the scandals, and the political double talk. You have articles being written by so-called progressive sites that is depicting this difference in political opinion that many millennials have as helping Donald Trump. In their eyes, a vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party or Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party (who I don't support) is a throwaway vote done by naive "purists" as they call us. I guess you're a "purist" if you actually want to have a higher standard for our leaders. You know, higher standards that prevent us from nominating a candidate under federal investigation as Clinton was at one point.

What's really going on is hardcore Clinton supporters have low standards. Standards so low, that they nominated one of the most unpopular candidates in recent U.S. history. Clinton-supporters shaming progressives for supporting a 3rd party candidate or not voting at all are the same ones who told us they knew Clinton would be a strong general election candidate because they were the "pragmatic" ones and we idealists didn't know what we were talking about when head-to-head polls showed Bernie Sanders destroying Trump.

If there is a lack of enthusiasm among young, Black millennials over the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, it is because Hillary Clinton is not a strong general election candidate...she's actually a very weak one. She spends more time wooing conservative Republicans disenchanted with Trump than she does appealing to her base that she'll need if she wants to win. The number of right-wing neocons who support Hillary Clinton should be disturbing to progressives across America. These are the same people who got us into this mess in the Middle East to begin with. The fact that she's still looking for, and accepting, their approval is disgusting.

On top of all this, President Barack Obama recently stated that it would be a 'personal insult' if Black voters didn't turn out to vote for Clinton in the same way they voted for him. So now not only is fear-mongering being used to coerce Black voters, but also borderline intimidation. Hillary Clinton has to earn the Black vote, she doesn't own it. They're scared, because as the New York Times recently showed, in some swing states Hillary Clinton is only getting 70% of the Black vote from voters under the age of 35. Even though 70% is still a massive majority, it also showed that a whooping 18% are either thinking of voting for another candidate (not Trump) or they don't know who they'll vote for yet. I consider myself part of that 18%. Understand that Obama got well over 90% support from Blacks under the age of 45, so the fact that Clinton is anywhere in the 70's is not a very good sign at all.

I respect the President, but he's wrong. The real personal insult has been the toxic relationship between the Democratic Party and the Black community. The drug war was a personal insult and still is. NAFTA was a personal insult as is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (aka T.P.P.) and all of the rest of the neo-liberal free trade deals that guts the working class in America. It was a personal insult to see both Obama and Clinton show support for Mayor Rahm Emmanuel after he was exposed as covering up the murder of LaQuan McDonald in Chicago...yet they want us to forget all that stuff and vote for them anyway! The Democratic Party might find that Millennials are more frustrated than they've wanted to believe. If Clinton loses, don't blame us for anything. Blame yourselves for failing your base.

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