Whitewashing History If Democratic voters nominate Joe Biden for President of the United States, they'll have to whitewash history to rationalize their decision. On the campaign trail, Biden has been doing the heavy-lifting for them by whitewashing the 94 crime bill himself. Sir. Wait til you get in front of a crowd that actually knows what you’re doing. Knows the bill. Knows the generational damage. Wait. I hope I’m in the crowd. https://t.co/hmxuo15wfO — Ava
gop war on women anti abortion
Georgia, Alabama and Missouri Embrace Extremism There's a popular saying that goes like this, "if you can't beat them, join them." I wish that cliche were universally true. In reality, the GOP is showing us that there's another alternative. If you can't beat someone fairly, then wage war on them. The far-right has largely failed at understanding the basic tenets of freedom and democracy. Why? I'd say it's because freedom for all people, including Women,
Weaponized Propaganda Polling data is not always accurate, and at times it can be wildly inaccurate. A single vote won't be cast for Democratic nominee until next year and already you're seeing how the media and polling companies are manufacturing consent. In 1988, Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman wrote a book titled 'Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. It details how the corporate media (and I believe polling companies) use their influence
new sandra bland video
A new video has been released that has been hidden from the public for four years. It's a cellphone recording shot by Sandra Bland herself as she was threatened and subsequently arrested by Officer Brian Encinia. The release of the video comes as a result of an investigative report done by local Dallas affiliate WFAA in collaboration with the Investigative Network. The cellphone video is only 39 seconds long, but it's the conduct of Officer
Crush Trump 2020 Donald Trump can't just be beaten by Democrats in 2020, he must be crushed - electorally I mean. His defeat must be so resounding, so definite, so obvious that any attempt to remain in power will be immediately met with universal backlash. That is our mission, should we choose to accept it. There is talk among ranking Democrats that they fear Trump may not step down if he loses by a small
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