fbi arrests militia leader
Border Kidnappings United Constitutional Patriots (UCP) founder Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, was arrested by the FBI on Saturday and was charged with the possession of firearms and ammunition as a convicted felon. According to the ACLU, Hopkins and his fellow vigilante extremists have been kidnapping asylum seekers entering the country through the Southern border. It's kidnapping because Hopkins and his group don't have the legal authority to detain anyone. Yet video has surfaced online along
Donate To or Join Black and Intellectual Today We're living in a very troubling time right now in America. Violence by the State against citizens and non-citizens seeking asylum is gaining more exposure. This exposure, however, isn't being accompanied by action to stop state violence.  What we have is the actual absence of leadership at the highest levels of government across the board in both political parties. It would seem as if much of society
What Does the Mueller Report Say? The most anticipated report to come out in years was released to the public on the 18th. The investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 election is over. Despite the fact that Mueller was not able to find enough evidence to warrant criminal conspiracy charges, that doesn't mean Trump is in the clear. There are damning facts in
the progressive movement
Please Support Black and Intellectual Taking Over Is The Goal What is the point of electing politicians to represent us, just for them to get to Congress and "know their place?" Some centrist Democrats seem to be scared of the fight taking place right now. There is a battle going on within the Democratic Party - an ideological battle. An ideological battle that Progressives must win. The "fight" is between the growing Progressive movement and the
Divide and Conquer The Republican Party is currently engaging in political warfare against the Democratic Party. The goal of political warfare is to achieve political dominance over another group. It's meant to degrade the political influence of a group you see as your opposition. It is often non-violent but can lead to violence because of the blowback that happens when the political fabric of a society begins to wither away. Like a domino effect, one
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