Donald Trump show signs of neo-fascism and authoritarianism. In the wake of the Chicago protests that shut down Trump's rally over the weekend, I'm beginning to see a disturbing trend not only in the mainstream media, but also in alternative media (New Media) to apologize for and rationalize the rhetoric of Trump. Part of this I believe is simple denial about the fact that America may actually nominate a soft fascist into power and because

Donald Trump and the Rise of Right-Wing Fascism

Posted by Brian on March 12, 2016

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As I type this, there is a near riot about to happen in downtown Chicago. Once again, the scary truths about this country are being put on full display for the whole world to see. That a man such as Donald Trump is as close to winning the Republican nomination as he is should be a troubling sign to any American that values this democracy and especially people of color. That includes Blacks, Hispanics, Americans
The 88th Annual Academy Awards are upon us and it has become one of the most controversial in years. Once again the issue of inclusion and diversity has surfaced and the lack of representation of people of color has become an issue due to one of the most popular social media hashtag campaigns of 2015 called #OscarsSoWhite. As a former theater student myself, I am sympathetic to the attention that the creator of this trend
        This lengthy blog entry has been something I've been wanting for write for some time. It will answer the question, "Were the Ancient Egyptians Black?" It's a doozy because it has to be, because the Africanity of the Ancient Kemetians has not only been answered scientifically, but simple logic should dispel all notions to the non-Blackness of these ancient people of the Nile. However simple logic has not worked and to
In my previous blog entry '2016 - The Most Important Political Year for African-Americans' I wrote briefly about the importance of African-American participation in the political process in this election cycle and going forward. That entry wasn't written to make one believe they have more power than they do or that voting doesn't matter. Quite the opposite rather, it has more power now than it ever has and if Blacks in America are to progress
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