Candace Owens: Black Proxies For White Supremacy
Candace Owens Appears Before the House Judiciary Committee

Candace Owens: Black Proxies For White Supremacy

The Right-Wing Demand For Black Proxies

A proxy is anyone or anything that is used as a conduit for someone or something else. In situations involving people (and not say computers for instance), it’s a way for groups of powerful people to use others to push a particular agenda. While said monied individuals can sit back without getting their hands dirty.

Black proxies have become incredibly important for the maintenance of racial capitalism. One could go so far as to say that Black proxies are now a requirement for economic racial capitalism and social white supremacy to survive. 

This dynamic reminds me of the ‘Blade’ films starring Wesley Snipes. In that trilogy, there are characters known as “Familiars.” The Familiars are Humans who haven’t been bitten yet, but long to be vampires like their overlords. They want the power, the speed, the strength – all of that. Since the vampires can’t travel during the day (unless underground), they use the Familiars as proxies to do their bidding until the Sun goes down. If a Familiar does his/her job well, their overlord master turns them into a vampire as a gift.

There’s a dark side to this analogy as well. There’s nothing forcing a vampire to turn a Familiar. As a matter of fact, in the first Blade film the Familiar (who is a cop) is actually killed by the villain for failing him. The same holds true for real world Black proxies. Maybe not as extreme as say, death. However, any proxy can be kicked to the curb when their usefulness has worn out. This is the beauty of having a proxy and why Black proxies are so necessary for the far-right in America. They allow for the continuance of racist messages, but with the added bonus of having a Black face echoing them. It’s a win-win for white conservatives. 

So there is a real demand now for Black proxies – male and female. Even though the supply is limited, racial capitalists don’t really need that many people. They just need the perfect proxy who they’re able to sell to the public. They need someone who can spout FOX News talking points with a straight face. One who lacks self-respect and cares solely for herself (or himself) while pretending to care about the community.

Trust us, they needed a Candace Owens more than you know.

Candace Owens and the Danger She Poses to Black America

Candace Owens was invited to speak yesterday at a hearing on hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Owens has no formal training or education as a professional regarding this issue. The Republicans on the Committee invited her, but a Democrat is the Chair. We’re not entirely sure what the process is for these hearings, but Black and Intellectual would really like to know who gave this the green light? If the buck stopped with a Democrat, then that’s a problem. Why don’t we see opposing views at hearings involving the fossil fuel industry or pharmaceutical drug prices?

Owens’ mere presence at this hearing made a mockery of the entire proceeding. One could go so far as to say the hearing was meant to be derailed. Why else would you invite Candace Owens and expect anything different? 

Candace Owens positioned herself as a Democrat during the opening remarks of the hearing. She claimed she was the victim of a hate crime when she was young. Fine, assuming that is true, that’s still not a reason for her to be there. Many Americans are victims of hate crimes, as hate crimes have exploded for 3 years in a row coinciding with the rise of Donald Trump. Candace Owens fails to mention this, however. Her being the victim of a hate crime (again…allegedly) doesn’t make her an expert on hate crimes proper. Her job was to be there and derail the conversation. To that affect, she did her job well as a good proxy should.

Owens also made the claim that she was being attacked by the Left because she looks out for Black people. Herein lies another aspect of the con she runs. Her job is to also co-opt the language of Black Twitter and twist it to push a racist agenda. Most Black people don’t take her seriously, and in a way, one would agree that she shouldn’t be. However, there is a danger here that folks should be aware of.

As demographics begin to shift, you’re going to begin to see white racial capitalists use proxies of all ethnic groups more frequently. This is going to coincide with an increase in violent, extremist, racist activity in the country. So that as white supremacist and racial capitalists attack, they’ll have their propagandists giving them socio-political cover. You’d think this wouldn’t work, but the events today prove you wrong. Candace Owens being taken seriously in front of a Congressional body proves you wrong.

Black and Intellectual has spoken on the rising threat that Black sellouts, Black proxies, and Black gatekeepers pose to Black society for over a year now. However, with Owens, it’s not just about Black America at this point. It’s about society in general. 

Owens is a Hitler apologist, denies the existence of white nationalism and hate crimes and is just an altogether loathsome grifter. It’s unclear whether she’s doing this for the money or something else, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s people like her who become Sheriffs and terrorize the Black community a la David Clarke. She has disdain for Black people and that is obvious.

The Southern Strategy

Watch this video containing an audio recording a Lee Atwater – proponent of the Southern Strategy that Candace Owens claims doesn’t exist.

Atwater lays out plainly that after 1968, conservatives in America knew they had to make changes. They had to change the way they addressed issues of race. As Atwater explains, this involved a level of abstraction so deep that most Americans wouldn’t catch on to what was actually being said. Yet the racists who understand dog whistles – they got the message loud and clear. State’s rights and tax cuts are both terms with roots in the Southern strategy and all deal with making sure White racial capitalists are able to maintain their group position.

There’s been a concerted effort by conservatives to dismiss any notions of the Southern strategy being used by multiple Republican administrations. This is because the strategy was blatantly racist and full of shit. They knew they could play on the social anxieties of the era and use race as a wedge issue to get out the white vote. In 2005, former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman even admitted this to the NAACP. So for Candace Owens and other conservatives to now come along years later thinking they’re going to rewrite history is a joke. It isn’t going to work.

However, because Candace Owens is given a platform despite her obvious factual errors, she is being allowed to rewrite history. That should terrify you.

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