Understanding White Privilege: A 5-Point Primer

Is it really that difficult to understand white privilege? Elle Sagar answers that question and more in this 5-point primer on white privilege. A topic that people enjoy playing dumb about, white privilege is really not a hard concept to grasp. Just in case you know someone who needs it broken down to them...this is the blog entry you want to direct them to.

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Let Me Count the Ways – Donald Trump’s Delusional Pitch to Black Voters

Donald Trump thinks he can win the support of the Black community. Elle Sagar counts 5 different ways The Don is wrong. Had it not been for much worse comments made by this man, this might be considered the height of political ignorance had it come from say Ted Cruz for instance. Sadly, this only ranks at maybe a 5 on the Scale of Crazy Political Statements. The Don has all but broken that scale.

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