Civility Will Not Stop Trump: It’s Time For The Left To Find Its Spine

Establishment Democrats in Washington and in the media have once again put their tail between their legs. As America kidnaps children and separates families like it's 1850, a certain group of weak Democrats have come out against Maxine Waters and her recent statement about how Republicans within this administration should be engaged in public.

In response to the above video, Republicans (of course) and some Democrats have condemned Maxine Waters and have called for civility as a response to Trump's fascism. 

What's enraging about this cowardice is the lack of equal outrage when Donald Trump said that he would bail out his supporters who attacked Clinton supporters. That's just one of many examples! Trump's entire brand is a case study in the lack of civility. Moderates and status quo opinion makers want the Left to be civil in the face of a growing fascist movement in this country. As if civility has worked thus far!

Civility is a choice and whether or not it is given is based on whether or not you deserve it. That sounds cold, but that's the reality. Americans are increasingly beginning to see that we do in fact have a tyrant in the making.

Any administration that willingly leaves a global Human Rights Council is an administration that doesn't care about human decency or the rule of law. Engaging with that faction as if things are still normal is the definition of lunacy.

The dark reality of all of this is that this might help Trump. As other observers and commentators have pointed out, the culture wars (which is really a war over social position and group power) is one of the major reasons why Trump is still so popular within the Republican Party. He is the champion of white fragility politics and is seen as a soldier in the struggle against the "browning of America."

I agree with what Maxine Waters said as I don't believe we are in normal times. I don't believe civility is going to save us no more than chivalry "saved" countless struggles in the past. No battle was ever abated because one gentleman of civility and class convinced a baby tyrant on the opposing side to stop his ravage by being polite to him. I shouldn't speak in absolutes, but even when it comes to diplomacy (which is civil), that's not how it works. Diplomacy is about waaay more than being polite and respectful to your adversary.

What the establishment under Trump wants is the acceptance of fascism by the American people. Do not resist, do not make us we use the verbiage of Nazis and herd children into detainment centers.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Goes Into Victim Mode

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the mouthpiece of what will go down as the worst U.S. Presidency in modern American history. Worse than Nixon, worse than Bush Jr and Sanders will be the visual representation of how this administration lied on a daily basis to the American public.

As you may or may not have heard, members of the Trump regime and their media supporters, have not had the best experiences in public recently. They've been shouted down in movie theaters and asked to leave restaurants. There is a tremendous amount of tension boiling to the surface as the Trump regime tears at the fabric of America.

If they will kidnap children, there's no limit to the depravity. Some Americans understand this, others want to maintain civility for the hell of it and get nothing in return.

So Sarah Sanders is crying wolf and now playing the victim as she gives political cover to human rights violations and internment camps. Don't buy it and don't back down. 

Civility right now is a mask of denial. It's being used to force the sense of normalcy on the public in an asymmetrical time when the opposing side is as uncivil, uninformed, and undemocratic as they've been in generations.

It's time for Democrats to find their spines. 

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