Clinton and Trump Debate For a Second Time in St. Louis

This blog entry includes updates from the second Presidential debate as it was ongoing. My overall opinion is located at the bottom of the page.

  • Trump said in about 5 seconds that he was going to make America great again, then safe again, then great again. He's a rambling fool.
  • Trump calls his rapey comments about women "locker room talk. Then he tries to twist his controversy onto Bill Clinton
  • Hillary Clinton gives a bad answer to the email question and Donald Trump hits back and says if he  becomes President he's going to investigate her.
  • Trump says that "there is a problem" when asked by a Muslim about Islamophobia. He says "Muslims have to report the problems when they see them." As if Muslims all know a terrorist. He says that mentioning the name "radical islamic terrorism" is part of dealing with the problem because speaking the name of the problem is the first step. This man is insane.
  • Hillary: "We are not at war with Islam."
  • Trump says that if he were President, Captain Khan would still be alive. Proving that he will use anything for political expediency.
  • Trump makes more empty claims about Clinton raising the taxes and that he's going to lower the taxes, he didn't answer the question Anderson Cooper asked at all
  • Clinton hits back and says Trump is going to give a massive gift to the wealthy and that in fact his "tax plan" will raise taxes on the Middle class.
  • Hillary Clinton calls for a "no fly zone in Syria." A decision that Jill Stein has said will lead to a war with Russia potentially.
  • Trump continues to call the Iran deal a stupid deal, despite the fact that it's Obama's best foreign policy achievement. It stopped them from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
  • Trump: "How stupid is our country?" Trump routinely insults America, but his supporters are some of the biggest jingoists in the country.
  • Donald Trump says "he's going to give economics to the people." What an idiot.
  • Trump says he's going to "help the inner cities" which means absolutely nothing to Black people. 
  • Trump says that we have a divided nation and that Hillary Clinton has "Tremendous hatred within her heart." A disgustingly low-blow of a comment.
  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump "debate" alternative energy. Clinton talks about energy independence and supports moving to clean energy and says we can create millions of new jobs and businesses by becoming a "clean energy superpower." Donald Trump pushes the "Clean coal" myth which can be talked about at another time.
  • Last question is asked "name one positive thing you respect about the other person." Clinton says that she respects Trump's children. Donald Trump responds that Hillary Clinton respects that she is a fighter and that she doesn't quit and she doesn't give up.

My Overall Opinion

Coming into this debate, Donald Trump's recent comments have caused his campaign to nearly implode involving various sexual allegations against Trump including accusations of rape. Trump was able to largely avoid all of the controversy that his campaign had to deal with before the debate.

Sadly, I think Trump came out on top in some ways in this debate. I don't think it's going to help him overall that much however. Hillary Clinton was weak in her ability to push back against his wild claims about her and Barack Obama and the Iran deal for instance.

I don't think Donald Trump got any new supporters from this debate, if anything it was the strongman keeping his flock under his control as his campaign collapses before everyone's eyes. I also don't think Hillary Clinton lost any of her supporters, so this debate was really a wash. People got to see more of Don the Con and his child-like antics...and got to keep being reminded about how much they dislike Hillary Clinton.

The real losers here continue to be the American people and democracy. The Idiocracy is forming before our eyes and is challenging the plutocracy. No matter who the winner of this sad election will be, progressives can rest assured that we will have to continue to fight...because we lost this battle.

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