Democrats: Nominate Joe Biden at Your Own Peril
Joe Biden sniffing Stephanie Clark

Democrats: Nominate Joe Biden at Your Own Peril

Creepy Uncle Joe

Nicknames can be unflattering at times. For instance, a nickname might revolve around an inside joke that outsiders won’t understand. In a situation like that a nickname can be taken out of context. Former Vice President Joe Biden has earned the nickname ‘Creepy Uncle Joe.’ If you see all of the videos of him touching and caressing women and girls you’d understand why. 

Some women, such as Lucy Flores have publicly come out stating that she felt uncomfortable. Others, such as Stephanie Clark (pictured above) have stated that the photo was taken out of context. Flores was once a rising star in Nevada Democratic politics and had the support of Harry Reid. After losing 2 elections, however, she became a founding board member of Our Revolution before falling out with leadership.

In the era of #MeToo, the Democratic Party should be extremely careful nominating a man who has a history of awkward encounters like this. It is irresponsible and down-right tone deaf. Do folks on the Left not realize that nominating Joe Biden makes much of what they’ve said about Trump irrelevant? Yes, what Trump has done (and said) is much worse. However, we don’t know the extent of Biden’s contact with women like this. Trust that there is oppo research going on digging into’s Biden’s past as we speak. Is that a risk centrist Democrats are willing to take? Do folks want this to be used against Dems during the General Election or do some not care because they know Trump has done worse? So perhaps they see Biden as a wash.

The Fact That Trump is a Bigger Creep is Not a Good Defense for Biden

If you go to Twitter, you will see many people try to come to the defense of Joe Biden. They are accompanied by a chorus of supporters in the corporate media as well. Is there a double standard in how Biden is being treated versus others? Many of Biden’s biggest defenders happen to be white men.

What is in it for people defending clearly creepy behavior? You see, Biden is the centrist/moderate fave for 2020 and the early polling proves this. So I’d imagine for some it’s less about what Biden has done in the past that could make him a weak candidate. To them, it’s more about protecting his image so that he’s not too badly tarnished. Mind you, this is the same mentality that allowed voters to ignore the clear problems with Hillary Clinton in 2016 too.

What’s worse is the defense I’ve seen of Biden rests on the idea that Trump’s creepiness is worse! While that is 100% true, it’s a terrible defense. It shows that you are trivializing the discomfort that women like Lucy Flores have had in Joe Biden’s presence. Let’s not forget that Biden sniffed her hair and has even attempted to kiss people without asking!

Here at Black and Intellectual, we don’t believe Biden should be investigated or anything extreme like that. We just want everyone to be treated the same way. Joe Biden would not be a strong nominee for a variety of reasons. The least of which being because he’s a #MeToo crisis waiting to happen, though this is a significant factor. His politics are outdated, he won’t turn out the vote, and it’s hard to see him being strong enough on policy to beat Trump. 

Folks want Biden as the nominee because he’s an old white centrist. Period. We welcome any debate that says otherwise. They see him as the Democratic Party’s pathway to the ‘moderate white Trump voter.’ That people still want to engage with an increasingly diverse electorate in this way is deeply problematic. It shows that folks haven’t learned much from 2016.

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