Donald Trump vs. Bill Cosby – A Comparison In America’s Reaction to Sexual Assault

Not long ago, Bill Cosby was accused of taking advantage of women by drugging them and/or sexually assaulting them. On interviews he did not admit to these accusations and his name was stripped all over the country. It didn’t take long before people slandered his name to where he had to resign from the Temple University Board of Trustees, and his future projects and legacy were tarnished. His television show “Return of the Cosby’s” was quickly pulled from BET’s Centric station.

Women were coming forth left and right admitting to being one of the women he sexually assaulted. In total it stated Bill Cosby took advantage of over 50 women from March 2000, to November 2015 are when the became public. 

The media followed his case up to this day. Anyone  can Google 'Bill Cosby' and read the accusations, list of his accusers, and the consequences he faces. There were jokes about his accusations on nighttime television shows, and people began to look at Bill Cosby differently. A lot Bill Cosby fans were stunned and didn’t want to believe his actions, however Bill Cosby’s reputation quickly decreased. People felt what he did was wrong, and there was no excuse for what he did. 

Fast forward to 2016…

Now it’s 2016, not many years later and another man has been accused of mistreating women, only this time it’s Donald Trump, a white man running for the President of the United States. The media has made Donald Trump story headline news and women are coming forth stating he has sexually assaulted them in one way or another. Donald Trump’s “locker room talk,” as he called it, can be heard on Youtube. Some Donald Trump supporters are defending Donald Trump stating that happened years ago, and some of his voters are pushing these accusations under the rug. There are even supporters who think it’s a joke and couldn't care less about the accusations he’s been accused of. That’s not what surprises me the most however. This man has admitted to doing things and stated doing them countless times, yet he’s still allowed to run for President. Hmmmmm sounds strange to me! Donald Trump has been himself this entire campaign, something happens, he lies, and everyone moves on. He can do whatever he wants and it doesn’t matter. He’s talked bad about different ethnic groups, people with disabilities, and different genders, however this man is still being considered the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

What surprises me the most, well not really, is Trump's ability to continue to run for President without any consequences. Now readers you know, if that was President Obama or any non-White man running for President their campaign would be cancelled. How is this fair? We live in a double standard world as Black Americans and it continues to play right in front of our eyes!

Bill Cosby was not running for anything, he was accused and got penalized, most people are stating he gets what he deserves. No one is arguing that he shouldn’t, if someon commits a crime, then it is there duty to pay the cost. However, this should apply to everyone, don’t you think so? Donald Trump is running for President of the United States, yet is accused of sexually assaulting women. How does that sound as the face of America? What will other countries think? Heck we as Black Americans know this is not right, why do we continue to face double standards in America? If all men are created equally! The United States has an interesting way of displaying that statement. 

What are your thoughts about Donald Trump running for president? Please enlighten me because I am curious.  

About the Author - Guest Blogger Jamie Rockymore

I write with a purpose, which is to support, educate, and motivate this generation. We have work to do people, and I won’t stop until my voice is heard. Please check out my for updated blogpost. 

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  1. In America there has always been two types of laws.
    1. White
    2. Black
    In reference to Mr. Bill Cosby he is black rich.
    donald trump is white rich.
    Doesn’t matter the the crime or the wealth as we see, it is the color of the skin.

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