Dylann Roof Tells Jury He’s Sane – We Should Give Him The Side-Eye

Dylann Roof is crazy as cat-shit.

I shouldn't need to explain why after a guy murdered 9 people in cold blood and has shown no remorse and has even gone so far as to say that he's not remorseful (according to a prison journal that was obtained and used against him in court). That's not the psychology of a normal person. Roof isn't normal...he's a social parasite who wants to start a literal race war. Of course we all remember the horrific shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in June of 2015...a day of infamy in Black America and a reminder of the presence of right-wing, white supremacist terrorism in this country.

Dylann Roof WANTS to be a martyr, if that wasn't clear up to this point it should be now. On Wednesday, Roof rejected the idea that he was mentally unstable and did not let a mental examination of him occur. He has made no attempt to opt for a more lenient sentence and by all accounts is all but begging for the death penalty.

The mere fact that he appears to want the death penalty instead of even having the slight chance of something less than should be crystal clear to most observers that despite what this man says...he is definitely NOT sane.

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