FBI Director Admits White Supremacy is a Threat To America
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FBI Director Admits White Supremacy is a Threat To America

The Elephant in the Room

Many people in positions of power and influence will not admit it, but America has a major problem. The problem is called white supremacy. So big a problem it is, that the Director of the FBI openly admitted to Congress that it is, in fact, a “persistent and pervasive threat.” Black people who have fought and died fighting white supremacist terrorism have known this for a long time. It has largely been white Americans who have ignored this issue.

Now Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office and the elephant in the room can no longer be hidden. The recent terrorist attack at Christchurch in New Zealand proves that white supremacy is not only a threat, but a global threat to all people of color.


“The danger, I think, of white supremacists, violent extremism, or any other kind of violent extremism is, of course, significant,” Wray told the House Appropriations Committee, when asked how his agency is addressing the threat. “It’s a persistent, pervasive threat. We tackle it both through our joint terrorism task forces on the domestic side as well as the civil rights program on the criminal side through hate crime enforcement.”
Chris Wray
Director of the FBI

All of this comes at a time when hate crimes and terrorist attacks by right-wing white supremacists are at a high. Since 2009, studies show that the majority of extremist terrorist attacks have been committed by white right-wing extremists. Yet this doesn’t inspire national fearmongering against white people as a group – and it shouldn’t. It does, however, expose the dark reality that America engages in selective outrage based around the race and religion of the criminal.

The elephant in the room that few want to address is America’s historic protectionism of white supremacy. A protectionism that has gotten thousands murdered and millions displaced from their homes.

What will America do about this threat? While Trump is in office – nothing. Trump enables white supremacists. One of the first things Trump did when he got into office was defund a group that monitored right-wing extremists. He’s placed Sebastian Gorka’s wife, a former writer for Brietbart, at the DHS as a Senior policy adviser. Recent leaked emails show that back in 2017, she wanted funding to focus attention not on white supremacist…but on anti-fascists. You know, the anti-fascists who have committed no terrorist attacks. However, groups like ANTIFA are a thorn in the side of white supremacists in power who don’t want their views challenged.

As time goes on, it will become harder for America to ignore this problem. At Black and Intellectual, we believe that as demographics change, these types of attacks will continue and perhaps become more brazen. 

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