FBI Director James Comey Fired! The Russia Connection Just Became The Russia Coverup

The firing of James Comey comes at a time when subpoenas were in the process of being issued by federal prosecutors to those associated with Michael Flynn. CNN, in fact, learned of the subpoenas hours before Donald Trump actually pulled the rug out from under the now former FBI director. The subpoenas themselves are said to have been for "business records." The timing of this is in no way, shape, or form accidental.

This is a major act of self-protection by the Trump administration, however, this isn't the first time Trump has alluded to James Comey's eventual departure. Almost a month ago, Trump gave an interview where he stated that he had confidence in the former FBI director, but that it was not too late to fire him. Now as the article states, it's not usual for Presidents to fire heads of the FBI, the last time (and only time post-Hoover) it was actually done was in 1993 by Bill Clinton.

President Bill Clinton fired the Director at the time, William Sessions, largely as a political response to the sieges of Ruby Ridge and Waco - both of which were carried out under Sessions. The question of ethics and the controversy that followed forced Clinton to fire Sessions soon after coming into office. Sessions wasn't fired because of anything that had to do with Clinton himself. The Trump firing of Comey is highly political and you'd have to judge through logical hoops not to see it. 

I've seen some people try to say that Trump firing Comey is not unusual because Comey is "Obama's guy." As if that is supposed to mean anything. That has been what some of Trump's supporters have said in the mainstream media as they've tried to advocate for Trump cleaning house and getting rid of Obama appointees. However, let's not forget that President Barack Obama kept Robert Mueller in his position as Director of the FBI and allowed him to serve out his 10-year term. Mueller was appointed by George Bush in 2001 and didn't leave until James Comey came into office in 2013. So there's nothing that says new Presidents have to remove heads of intelligence agencies.

What's even more telling is how back in March, a month before Trump made it public that he was thinking of replacing Comey, the former FBI director confirmed that the agency was probing coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin! He also publicly debunked the conspiracy theory from the alt-right and the White House that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

So let's track this, in March Comey confirmed on the record during a 5 1/2 hour public hearing before the House Intelligence Committee that the FBI was investigating ties between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign. A month later in April, Trump says Comey's days are numbered in so many words, then just yesterday...Trump fires Comey just as subpoenas were set to be delivered. You can believe what you want to believe, but when I look at this, there's no way I can say with a straight face that these things are not connected. James Comey has only served as FBI director for 3 years...in a 10 year fixed term. He's at the center of a massive investigation that could implicate multiple people in the current White House. There's no way his firing didn't have anything to do with that.

Yet, what is the Trump White House's explanation for the firing? What is their excuse? Well not only are they calling it the "beginning of a new era," but they're blaming it on Comey's "unfairness" to Hillary Clinton regarding the email investigation! This coming from the same camp that months ago led "lock her up" chants. This excuse sounds like it was thrown together by a 5th grader the night before his book report was due. If anything, this bogus explanation makes it even more evident that this can't possibly be the reason. Some sources are claiming the deputy Attorney General at the DOJ has been working on the document to fire Comey for over a week, even though the letter has the date of May 9, 2017. This is a cover-up and an ugly one at that which requires massive leaps in logic to deny at this point.

What was once called the Russian Connection is now the Russian cover-up conspiracy. It's time for everyone to stop dancing around that word. I guess that's the wonderful thing about running my own blog, I'm not beholden to anyone else's use of terminology.

If all of this wasn't strange and conspiratorial already, guess what - today Trump met with Sergey Kislyak and Sergey Lavrov at the White House in a meeting the U.S. press was cut out of. The Russian press was given access to take photos during the open part of the meeting strangely enough. If you remember what I wrote back in March about the Russia Connection, Kislyak has been confirmed as having spoken with 4 other members of the Trump inner circle during the campaign. He had a meeting with Carter Page, Walid Phares, J.D. Gordon, and most importantly Attorney General Jeff Sessions on multiple occasions.

I don't know that much more can be said about this other than what's been stated. So I'll just leave it here. Honestly, though American democracy has been in peril for many years now. It was eventually going to catch up to this country sooner or later. Trump is the culmination of decades worth of bad policies and political practices in America that were never really challenged or fixed.

UPDATE (05/10): Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn

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