How Pulling Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal Makes America Look Bad

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One of the major accomplishments of the Obama administration was the Iran nuclear deal. So it only makes sense that Donald Trump seeks to destroy it and gut the hard work of the prior administration - because that's all he's done as President.

Yesterday on May 8, Donald Trump announced that he was pulling America out of the Iran nuclear deal. A move only supported by his chorus of supporters. Logical observers see the danger in this move, not only are the geopolitics bad, but it just makes America look bad. It makes America look like we can't be trusted and that there's no consistency in governance outside of when it comes to taking away progressive gains.

This move by Trump makes America look petty, reckless, and driven more by hatred than sanity and logic. There are a few reasons why I say that.

Iran Is Complying

If Trump's goal was to harder for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, he would not have removed America from the deal. By all accounts, this actually makes it easier for Iran to get those weapons - not harder. 

The Iran deal is working as it was intended to. How?

Is Iran complying with the limits on enriched uranium? Check. Enriched uranium can be used to build a bomb. Before the deal, Iran had more than 25,000 pounds of enriched uranium, after the deal, they have 660 pounds.

Is Iran complying with the limits on centrifuges? Check. Making enriched uranium requires centrifuges that spin uranium at a very high speed to separate U-235 (an isotope of uranium) from the stuff that's not as important in the chemical. Before the deal, Iran had close to 20,000 centrifuges at its uranium enrichment facilities. Post-deal they now have a little over 5,000 which are older.

Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal make it seem like we're just taking Iran's word for it and not doing our due diligence. This is provably false. Part of the Iran deal stipulated that the Iranians give IAEA inspectors full and unrestricted access to their nuclear facilities.

Iran is complying with the IAEA inspectors as well as other aspects of the agreement. What is being done by the Trump administration is being done because Donald Trump wants to destroy the deal and has for a long time.

This has nothing to do with safety.

It Alienates America

Many world leaders have come out against the decision by the Trump administration to exit the deal (on the part of the United States).

Leaders from the European Union, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, to China, Japan - hell even Turkey, have all come out on the opposite end of Trump. Russia also came out on the opposite side and said they'd try to keep the deal intact.

However, the usual suspects are all on Trump's side. The right-wing extremists in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates are all supportive. So for the Trumpsters, maybe they feel good knowing some of the most oppressive and repressive regimes on the planet are all co-signing this decision.

I highly doubt they care. Countering information has never been something the far-right cared that much about. They're driven more by their anti-Left hatred than anything else at this point. Tribalism rules the day - regardless of how ridiculous it makes them look.

It Increases The Likelihood of War

Put simply, the Iran deal made the chance of war less likely because it dramatically decreased the probability that Iran might get a nuclear weapon. If the deal is gone (which as of the writing of this article it technically isn't), then Iran will go about trying to get a nuclear weapon again. This is something that the global powers will not allow them to do.

There's an entire discussion about why the global powers don't want a nuclear Iran. I believe it has more to do with nations not wanting Iran to have a nuclear deterrent. They want to be able to control Iran which they won't be able to do as easily if Iran has nuclear weapons. I don't know how many people seriously think Iran would use them. I don't think they'd be any more of a threat than Israel.

It's interesting that Saudi Arabia has come out recently and stated that if Iran restarts their nuclear program, then they'll start one too.

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