#JusticeForLucca and #JusticeForStephanie Highlight Police State Terror In America
Scene from the protest of the shooting for Stephanie Washington

#JusticeForLucca and #JusticeForStephanie Highlight Police State Terror In America

We’re living in a very troubling time right now in America. Violence by the State against citizens and non-citizens seeking asylum is gaining more exposure. This exposure, however, isn’t being accompanied by action to stop state violence. 

What we have is the actual absence of leadership at the highest levels of government across the board in both political parties.

It would seem as if much of society has accepted brutality as the default. Even worse, grifters and opportunists in the Black and White community place capital greed over the lives of their fellow man. They’d rather make money off of racism than actually combat it.

If anyone asks you why Americans accepted slavery or Jim Crow – you’re witnessing it right now in real-time. The same acceptance of slavery, Jim Crow, and lynching is the same mentality that allows people to accept brutalization filmed on cameras in 2019.

Society isn’t any better, or smarter than it was back then. 


It was the morning of April 16 in New Haven, CT. Stephanie Washington was sitting in her car when she was shot one time in the torso by Hamden and Yale cops. Washington was in the car with another male who officers directed to exit the car when he did, they opened fire. 

Local authorities were responding to a possible robbery and were looking for a red Honda Civic that the supposed assailants were driving. Assuming the car Stephanie Washington was in was the one they were looking for – the officer simply opened fire without verifying anything first.

Shooting first and figuring out the story later is not uncommon for cops. If you remember, this is what happened in the case involving Tamir Rice. Rice was shot in mere seconds after the arrival of cops onto the scene who were there because a local resident called the police on him claiming Rice “had a gun.” If even a tiny bit of investigative work had been done, they’d have known that Rice actually had a toy gun.

The shooting of Stephanie launched the hashtag #JusticeForStephanie and sparked protests.


Lucca, a 15-year old high school student, was assaulted by two officers that left him bloodied and bruised. One officer is Deputy Christopher Krickovich and the other is Sgt. Greg Lacerra. This happened a few days after the shooting of Stephanie Washington.

The incident took place on August 18th outside a McDonald’s in Tamarac, Florida. The officers are claiming that they were responding to an altercation involving students.

They arrested a teen who Krickovich said was not allowed at the location after Wednesday’s fight. After he put the teen on the ground, the teen’s cell phone dropped out of his pocket, which is when the victim, in a red tank top, tried to pick it up.  

The video captures the moment when Krickovich knocks the teen on the ground, reportedly after Lacerra pepper-sprayed him. The teen is seen trying to cover his face, as Krickovich bangs his head to the ground while also landing two blows on his head with his other hand.

That’s their story. None of this excuses what was done to Lucca. Many have made comparisons to the treatment of the killer who murdered 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglass that sparked protests nationwide. Why is it that white murderers are treated with kid gloves, even protected – while Black people doing basic things are assaulted and brutalized?

The question answers itself for those of us who have been tracking these stories for years now. The answer is clearly based on the race of the person. Some might disagree with that, but there have been too many white assailants protected to say otherwise.

White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement

The problem with the American police state isn’t just the violence it bears down on the Black community. American politicians share a huge part of the blame – so, therefore, blood is on their hands too. Both political parties used ‘tough on crime’ propaganda to foster a police culture that is out of control. One might imagine that this is why even the Democratic Party is often silent on cases of state violence and police terror.

There have been numerous examples now of white supremacists being outed as members of various local law enforcement agencies. Last September, an Oklahoma police chief’s ties to neo-Nazis were exposed – only for him to get another law enforcement job in a neighboring town. 

This past December, a California highway patrolman admitted in court that he targeted anti-fascist, left-wing protesters and protected neo-Nazis at the infamous 2016 Sacramento rally. The protest rally left 8 anti-fascist protesters stabbed and beaten, only to be themselves charged with crimes.

Similar stories have happened in the past as well. For instance, after Charlottesville and the murder of Heather Heyer, DeAndre Harris, the victim of an assault, was charged with ‘unlawful wounding.’ Harris was nearly beaten to death and suffered major wounds to the head. So the idea of him being charged with anything sounds ludicrous. Thankfully, he was able to beat the charges. 

The suspect conduct of local authorities in Charlottesville and their lack of response to clear acts of violence hasn’t drawn nearly as much criticism as it should. Many commentators believe they allowed the white supremacists to engage in violence – until someone was killed.

Last August, a Harvard Law School lecturer sued the Louisiana State Police because he discovered high-ranking members of the force were passing around false lists of Antifa members. The list originated on white supremacist sites like Stormfront and 8chan.

There are in fact numerous stories like this. You don’t hear about them because the corporate media aids and abets the cover-up of one of the biggest ongoing domestic scandals in America right now. That is the infiltration of law enforcement by white supremacist extremists. 

The problem goes beyond local departments, however. This problem is viral throughout the entirety of America’s judicial system. Right-wing judges, overzealous, anti-Black prosecutors, for-profit prisons – there’s an entire network of racist fuckery that is deep-seated and firmly rooted in America’s judicial practices.

The shooting of Stephanie Washington and the assault on Lucca cannot be understood without analyzing the culture of American policing as it currently exists. These incidents are part of a larger pattern. A pattern that many would prefer to ignore.

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