Meghan McCain Makes Ignorant Comparison Between White Supremacy and – Ilhan Omar?!?

Meghan McCain Makes Ignorant Comparison Between White Supremacy and – Ilhan Omar?!?

The Agenda to Disguise Right-Wing White Supremacy

On Saturday, yet another white supremacist act of domestic terror happened on U.S. soil. A 19-year old racist extremist walked into Chabad of Poway synagogue in San Diego and killed one person – while injuring three others. Similar to past mass shootings, this white supremacist used the AR-15 to commit his act of slaughter.

Instead of universally condemning white supremacy and the threat it poses to people of the Jewish faith, many on the Right have chosen to inject Ilhan Omar into the conversation. The intent is clear – disguise the fact that all of these right-wing domestic terrorists are on the pro-Trump, conservative side of the political aisle.

A day after the anti-Semitic terror attack at Chabad of Poway, Meghan McCain was invited onto ABC This Week and allowed to spew her thinly-veiled Islamophobic attacks against Rep. Omar who had nothing at all to do with the attacks. Ilhan Omar has even condemned the attack that occurred over the weekend!

This begs the question – why the fuck is Meghan McCain even relevant? Why is anyone taking her seriously? The answer is obvious and it has everything to do with white conservative privilege. Not to mention ‘The View’ likes to give their platform to conservative gaslighters. It’s Meghan McCain today, it was Raven-Symone and Elisabeth Hasselbeck in the past.

There are no ‘both sides’ in this discussion. There are only right-wing white supremacy and the danger it poses to Muslims, Jews, Black Americans, asylum seekers, immigrants, etc. Commentators like Meghan McCain want to muddy the waters with her own personal fears of Muslims to distract people from the fact that all of the domestic terrorism is coming from her side of the political spectrum.

Meghan McCain's Charlottesville Moment

After the terrorist attack in Charlottesville during the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in 2017, Donald Trump infamously stated that there were “good people on both sides.” Many have interpreted that as Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy and essentially protect the integrity of the Nazis marching in his name (who even wore attire that looked very ‘Trumpian’).

Meghan McCain making a comparable statement after another attack by a white supremacist is equally bad. It shows that many on the Right don’t care nearly as much about the threat of white supremacy as they do using attacks by them to launch bad faith smears against their political opponents. This is disgusting. 

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