My Fellow Rebels, We Are the True Resistance
The Making of a Rebellion

My Fellow Rebels, We Are the True Resistance

The Faux Resistance

When Donald Trump became President of the United States (under questionable circumstances), the American people took to the streets. Grassroots movements sprang up led by women and the popular hashtags #resist and #theresistance became the rallying cries.

The Democratic establishment, wanting to maintain norms and customs, at first didn’t know what to do. Very few Democrats openly embraced the anti-Trump movement. The establishment think tanks and Democratic Party insiders wanted to focus more on increasing funding from their donors. They weren’t focused on building a true resistance. It was more about figuring out how to maintain their status quo while at the same time looking as ‘progressive’ as possible.

The Establishment saw an opportunity in the streets after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and after he was sworn into office in late January of 2017. From the very beginning, establishment Democrats such as Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi were positioned as “leaders” in a resistance that started online among activists. I don’t remember seeing Linda Sarsour or Tamika Mallory being embraced by party leadership. Oh the contrary, both of them have actually been attacked. They’ve been attacked by centrist Democrats, by other women in the Women’s March, and by right-wing opportunists like Bari Weiss.

This created a problem. A ‘resistance’ that was birthed to combat the racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia of the Trump administration was quickly co-opted. ‘Resistance’ politicians stopped emphasizing policy changes and began honing in on Russiagate. Something that could’ve been much more radical became watered-down. Radical voices and radical policy ideas were suppressed.

The True Resistance is a Rebellion

The true Resistance is not purely a resistance to Trumpism. Many of us are aware that Trumpism is the manifestation of a much bigger problem. We have to look at the entire structure that allows people like him to come into power.

This requires a much stronger indictment of the current political and media apparatuses and their role in creating Trump. True resistance understands the role of historic American imperialism and how imperialism abroad has made its way back home. True resistance is aware of the relationship between racial capitalism and white supremacy. True resistance is populated by rebels. One could actually say that what we need is not merely resistance, but rebellion. Others might say revolution, but a rebellion can still support the existence of certain structures that already exist. As long as those current systems go through a radical transformation. True resistance is built from the ground up and should only include people in power that actually move in rebellious ways. 

For instance Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s call to #AbolishICE. Further calls to abolish the Electoral College have gained much more support than some would’ve thought. When we talk about the abolition of entire systems, that’s not merely a resistance looking to change current structures. That’s a rebellion against structures meant to be replaced, non-violently, by better structures.

My fellow rebels, we are the true resistance. The resistance that will evolve into a rebellion – making us rebels. The Resistance failed because many still think these current systems can still be saved (not to mention infighting and co-option). Some can maybe, others are too far gone.

Black and Intellectual will be at the forefront of what will need to be the digital outreach of this rebellion. As this concept develops, more information will drop. So stay tuned. Opt into our notifications, our email list, donate (coming soon), or become a member. We are only limited by our imaginations.

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