My Problem With Cory Booker

As politicians go, Cory is one of the best on the national scene, and he certainly cuts a personable, serious, dutiful, and bipartisan profile in the Senate. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I can’t get over his tenure as Newark’s rock star mayor, and the corners he cut, the alliances he made with malevolent corporate and philanthropic interests, and the shameless self-promotion built on the backs of vulnerable people of color that make him the serious contender for the presidency that he is today.

I write today to outline my reservations to a skeptical social media friend, and for those of you that don’t know me, but may be interested in Senator Booker as the horse to ride in 2020.

If presidential elections were about personality, Cory Booker would win hands down because he isn’t a delusional lunatic and a malignant narcissist, quite the opposite actually. He’s a warm, driven, maniacally focused workaholic that has the ambition, talent, and capability to be a good president. He’s also a cynically calculating political operator that’s made a great show of seeming to serve the public while serving himself best of all. In my mind, he is a cross between Barack Obama and Harold Ford Jr.

The substance of my critique is policy related. A slick, self-serving, and dishonest proponent of school privatization schemes like charter schools, and school vouchers, Cory began his career in Newark in league with the very vulture capitalists that approach urban education policy like pirates on the high seas. They seek to paper over the theft of public education from Black and Brown people with platitudes about the achievement gap and dishonest rhetoric about education reform being the civil rights fight of this generation.

When was the last time that poor people seized control of an affluent school district, fired all the teachers & administrators, eliminated the school board, hired poorly qualified teachers of color looking for a feel-good resume builder, privatized the cash flow, and imposed a Marxist curriculum? But that is essentially what happens in reverse to Black and Brown folk, and what Cory has been caping for. It is a profoundly racist scheme that robs communities of color of the right of self-determination, and hijacks local control of education from a community and places it into some corporate interlopers grubby hands for shits, giggles, and profit because supposedly they can do it better cuz their ice is colder.

Cory financed every run for Mayor on the rivers of cash from Wall Street types salivating over the profit potential of privatized schools.

Finally, Booker staked his reputation and eventual rise to presidential contender on cutting Newark’s long-standing violent crime and runaway murder rate. In Booker’s seven years as Mayor, although he had the authority, he never reigned in a police department found by an Obama Justice Department 'pattern and practice' investigaton to have systematically violated the civil rights of people of color in every conceivable way. As long as he could tout a drop in crime, murder, or both, Cory DGAF what his officers did or who they stole from, unjustly arrested, or killed. When the Obama Justice Department sought appointment of a federal monitor to work with and reform Newark’s unconstitutional and racist policing, Booker blocked that reform. That’s not a profile in courage, but of cowardice. He will not be my candidate in 2020 despite his eloquent grandstanding against the nomination of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for Attorney General.

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