Sandra Bland Video Surfaces After Being Hidden For 4 Years

Sandra Bland Video Surfaces After Being Hidden For 4 Years

A new video has been released that has been hidden from the public for four years. It’s a cellphone recording shot by Sandra Bland herself as she was threatened and subsequently arrested by Officer Brian Encinia. The release of the video comes as a result of an investigative report done by local Dallas affiliate WFAA in collaboration with the Investigative Network.

The cellphone video is only 39 seconds long, but it’s the conduct of Officer Encinia and the fact that the video has been concealed for four years that has caused an uproar. At the twelve second mark, you can see Encinia draw his taser and yell to the top of his voice and demand Sandra Bland get out of the car. At the fifteen second mark, you can clearly hear him then threaten her by saying, “I will light you up!”

Yes, this out of control officer threatened to “light her up” over a supposed minor traffic violation.

In the video, you can hear Sandra Bland defend herself verbally, as she has the right to do. There is no law against “talking back” to a cop and she wasn’t under arrest (yet), so you can’t say she was “resisting arrest.” Which we already know most of the time is a bogus charge anyway.

Many have noted that this does not sound like a woman who was ready to commit suicide and her family has never gone along with that framing. They’ve maintained that Sandra was looking forward to a new job she had just obtained.

The Bland family has also stated in the past that there is evidence that hasn’t been given to them and it appears this video is one of the pieces to the puzzle they’ve been trying to put together for four years. 

In 2015, after Sandra Bland’s arrest and booking at Waller County jail – she was found hanging from a trash bag in cell 95. She was held alone in the cell and unsurprisingly, there were no cameras. Let’s be honest, if there was camera footage – it was destroyed. The trash bag that she was hung from didn’t have her fingerprints on it, however. A very inconvenient fact for the suicide cover story.

Since she was in a jail cell, it’s not possible she would’ve had gloves…for no reason. So how do you hang yourself and not leave any fingerprints? It doesn’t add up, and most cover stories never do. However, a cop in the jail would’ve had access to gloves and likely would’ve used them to make sure he didn’t leave any fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

It is the stance of Black and Intellectual that Sandra Bland was murdered. I do not believe for a second that she committed suicide until proven otherwise. Given the fact that the wrongful death lawsuit that Bland’s family filed was settled out of court for $1.9 million and Officer Encinia was forced to resign from law enforcement pretty much tells you that we’ve been lied to. There is much more to this story than what has been revealed.

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