Silent Crisis: When The System Enables Killer Cops It Subverts Freedom

It's been more than a few days since the verdict in the case involving the execution of Philando Castile dropped - and I'm still agitated. I refuse to be too calm to the point of acceptance, while at the same time I know I have to try my damndest to contain my silent rage. My silent rage which stems from my knowledge and "wokeness" about the silent crisis.

The Silent Crisis is what I call a hidden reality that is known of but goes unspoken as if it's not really there. It's the system that was constructed decades ago to continue the subversive oppression of non-Whites, but especially the black population in America. I use the word 'silent' because people know it exists, so calling it 'hidden' would be improper. This isn't a hidden crisis, but a silent one - like a real life, real world version of 'Get Out.'

We have a system in the United States that was designed to do what it continues to do to black people. It's not broken if you look at it from that perspective. The U.S. criminal injustice system has never been a trusted friend to the black community in any large fashion. It has preyed on black people since we've been in this country.

Yes, there have been judicial victories we've had in Court here and there. However, a system that enables and green-lights the extra-judicial murder of black citizens cannot be seen as having the interest of all black people in its sights.

This isn't factoring in the history of slavery, Jim Crow apartheid, lynchings, the drug war, etc. I'm speaking purely about the cover-ups of state violence. 

This is the root of the silent crisis. There is no way in hell Officer Yanez had any business getting off. None whatsoever, but in a system that silently enables killer cops, it's not surprising. What people, especially any white liberals who might be reading this, need to realize is that what you see taking place has been going on for many decades.

The extra-judicial murder of black people is basically as American as apple pie. There has not been a time in this nation's history where a black life could not be taken without some level of shoulder-shrugging from local, state and federal governments.

This is what makes what is happening now deliberate and intentional. I've written in the past about how it's already known that the drug war was started as a backdoor to continue oppressing black people post-Civil Rights. We know cocaine was funneled into the country and the government knew about it and knew it was going into black-dominated inner cities and did nothing about it. They let black people get hooked on the drugs, then Reagan turned around and blamed the ills of society on those same people they let get hooked on it in the first place. Viola! Mass incarceration and the war on drugs!

What keeps happening to black people cannot be seen as independent from what has already happened to us. These are not isolated incidents, but trends in a continuation pattern.

A system that enables killer cops directly subverts freedom. It perpetuates a two-tiered system of justice that is not true justice and never will be.  What we are dealing with is a crisis of freedom in America. We cannot say we are free if people who kill us who represent the State are next to never found guilty.

Stop thinking that just because we have access to flat screen TV's, a Playstation 4/Xbox, comfortable jobs, and reality T.V. then we've somehow "made it." We've always had ways to take our minds off of our oppression for brief periods of time and today is no different. We simply have way more things to entertain us and distract us today than what our ancestors had 100+ years ago.

What else is known about, but silently allowed to continue the grow?

The Infiltration of Law Enforcement By White Supremacists Is Likely Worse Than We Realize

In my previous article, 'State Violence is State Terrorism: Philando Castile and the Ongoing Assault on Black Life,' I wrote about the relationship between state violence and state terrorism. I even touched on how state terrorism is a weapon used to maintain white supremacy. I didn't, however, touch on the issue of police departments being infiltrated by right-wing race soldiers.

This too is known and has even been reported on in more than one place. This information too is not hidden, but many people to this day refuse to factor it into their discussions about the issue of state violence and state protection of killer cops.

As early as 2006, the FBI has known about the agenda within white supremacist organizations, basically potential domestic terrorists, to infiltrate local police departments to keep tabs on investigations going on against them as well as recruit other cops from within the system. We don't know the extent of the infiltration, but considering this has been going on loooong before 2006 - one can assume the infiltration has been very deep. The increased attention paid to killer cops because of the continued murdering of innocent people is likely a reflection of the infiltration.

What's interesting about that 2006 FBI report was that it too was covered up and swept under the rug. That should be a major red flag for anyone. Certain politicians (and I'd imagine some law enforcement agencies) blew a lot of smoke about this report being spoken of publicly and the information in it was silenced.

Fast forward to 2017 and we have a silent crisis that has been known about for over 10 years and it's been allowed to fester and grow. No one can say with a straight face how compromised American policing has truly become because no one in government is looking into it. This makes the State completely complicit in state violence, especially state violence that can be directly tied to white supremacists.

When killer cop Ray Tensing murdered Sam DuBose in 2015, it came out during the trial that the former University of Cincinnati race soldier was wearing a t-shirt under his uniform displaying the Confederate flag. It didn't matter to certain members of the jury though as the case ended in a mistrial.

Now imagine the reaction from society if a Muslim murdered anyone, but especially a white person, and was wearing a pro-ISIS shirt underneath their top garments! We would hear about that for days, but again, we're talking about the Silent Crisis here. So Tensing's white supremacy will get swept under the rug as society pretends it doesn't matter.

It seems like every year there are more stories about cops being fired because of their ties to white supremacist groups like the KKK. Understand though that these are simply the ones getting caught. You might have race soldiers who pledge allegiance to white supremacist groups, but don't actually join them so that they can more easily remain anonymous and covert. 

This problem is worse than most people realize which is why the murder of black people continues to go on with no end in sight. I don't know of any solutions that will be easy to implement. All solutions will be difficult simply because the State is low-key complicit in the problem. So they're not going to willingly allow radical reformations that could see them either end up in jail or be exposed. 

The easy, non-violent solution would be to get politicians into office who will work to change these oppressive systems. We can certainly do that on a local level, but that's easier said than done and given the problem of rampant voter can't speak as if that can be the only solution.

Others say we need more black people within law enforcement. I honestly don't see how that is helping at all either. We've seen several cases now of police departments (see Baltimore, Charlotte, Milwaukee, etc) with black Sheriffs who conduct themselves in the same way as the white Sheriffs. You see the same coverups, the same protection of race soldiers. That's not changing just because more black people are cops. Matter of fact, black police officers often talk about the extreme amounts of racism they face on the force! So these race soldiers are not about to let black people infiltrate law enforcement the way they have. The race soldiers have all of the top level positions on lock.

On any given day, in any police department in the nation, 15 percent of officers will do the right thing no matter what is happening. Fifteen percent of officers will abuse their authority at every opportunity. The remaining 70 percent could go either way depending on whom they are working with.

— Black ex-cop. Read full article through the above link

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